Sportswriter for NBC embarrasses himself by saying the American flag is political

Remember when Democrats liked the American flag? Read more

College student triggered by a display of crosses representing aborted babies, and does this

He tore them down twice! Read more

Libs Say McDonald’s Szechuan sauce is ‘racist’ and warn them not to bring it back

McDonald’s might bring back one of its more popular dipping sauces… And liberals aren’t happy about that. Read more

Guess what a Medal of Honor recipient (and my husband) — called Obama adviser Susan Rice?

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Read more

Dakota’s Sweet Note about Sailor Grace and See His Way of Taking Family Walks

I asked Dakota to go on a walk, and this is what he actually did. Read more

VIDEO: One month to go!

I can’t wait to see her face! Read more

Melania Trump gets more hate for yet another ridiculous reason

All of this over a picture? Read more

Texas student goes completely nuts when he sees a pro-life display

He needs to be at pre-school not college. Read more

3 photos of Sailor Grace Being Super Cute

Sweet time of life! Read more

Skittles launches color-less candy to celebrate LGBTQ pride, but is accused of white supremacy (yes, really)

You can’t win with liberals. Read more

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