Best-selling author, criticized for not having gay characters, delivers THIS ruthless response

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So this happened. S.E. Hinton, author of the 1967 classic “The Outsiders,” was attacked on Twitter for being homophobic. [Read more…]

This resurfaced Lena Dunham tweet proves she needs to just shut up already

Lena Dunham: the name doesn’t conjure up visions of a great actress like I’m sure she would like it to. Instead, all we can picture is a loud-mouthed liberal who prefers appearing without her clothes, wished she had an abortion, and rants about vile things on Twitter. Enough! She needs to just shut up already. [Read more…]

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Yes! Admitted leftist Chef Anthony Bourdain just told the truth about “privileged” liberals

He’s a celebrity chef, author, and TV personality, but native New Yorker Anthony Bourdain also considers himself a “privileged Eastern liberal,” which makes what he said about his own kind even more satisfying. [Read more…]

Don’t ever trespass on this Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s property, she’s armed and ready to protect herself

Trespassing is never okay, whether the property belongs to a celebrity or not, but what were these three people thinking climbing over a security wall of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore’s home? One thing’s for sure; they got a little more than a peek at where she lives as the startled 45-year-old emerged with her handgun. (And rightfully so!) [Read more…]

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Bitter liberals “stick it to Trump” by giving Ivanka’s boots negative reviews on Amazon

Apparently, some liberals are such sore losers they go on Amazon and write spiteful reviews of Ivanka Trump brand boots because they disagree with her father’s politics. [Read more…]