This Laugh, To Die For

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Mailman Saved Kids’ Letters to Santa for Years, Then Surprised the Parents with This Cool Gift!


The Baltz family in Niceville, Florida were shocked to receive a very special package from their mailman this week. For the past 12 years, James had saved every letter the their children had written to Santa.

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Girl is Accused of bringing dangerous chemicals to school, and now her parents are suing the School. Of course.

New York City, USA - March 03, 2011: Children entering school bu

First we have the clock boy crying discrimination and suing his school district, and now we have two girls from Rhode Island who are crying foul after they were questioned by police for possibly having chemicals in their backpacks.

When are parents going to stop acting like their kids are victims and start trusting the police and school officials to keep us all safe? [Read more...]

Christmas Throwback

throwbackchristmas 2####Throwback Christmas… nothing I love more than my family.

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Baby Bump Picture – Two Weeks to Go!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.12.16 AM

2 1/2 weeks(ish) until we become a family of 3!! [Read more...]