Philadelphia bar won’t serve man wearing a Trump hat, but the man is making sure they regret it

Another liberal demonstration of tolerance! Read more

I posted this pic of me and my sisters, but the hashtags are getting all the attention

I love them SO much… most of the time! Read more

About those stories about someone hacking my phone…

The rumors are true… Read more

What Dakota Meyer Does with his Medal of Honor

Here’s the reality of it. Read more

Students wear red, white, and blue to basketball game; school apologizes for their clothing

Has it really come to this, America? Read more

OF COURSE Melania Trump was mocked by the Left for doing this very nice thing

They have NO shame. Read more

White House press secretary harassed at an Apple Store, his reaction infuriated the lady

Sean Spicer was the picture of class. Read more

The difference between liberal and conservative parenting in one cute video

This is precious and hilarious! Read more

Ex-Planned Parenthood employee looking at abortion remains: “Why are there three arms?”

This is pure evil. Read more

Something completely unexpected happened when retailers dumped Ivanka Trump’s brand, and liberals are fuming

It’s fun to watch their attempts to boycott fail! Read more

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