What Can Make 5 Kids on a Playground Stand Still?

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Once you bring a kid to a playground, just try and keep them still. There’s so much to explore, so many fun things to do, they have to race around til they’ve seen every inch of that playground! That’s why this video was so surprising to me. [Read more...]

She Looked Like A Normal 90-Year-Old, Then The Music Started!


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Check out how Jean Veloz celebrated her 90th birthday! [Read more...]

Pro-Life Advocates Love Kelly Clarkson’s New Song — Why?

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This is so sweet!

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A Texas Man Got Fed Up with Paying Taxes – You Won’t Believe What He Did to Get Back at Tax Collectors!

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Nobody likes paying taxes.  This guy in Texas decided to get back at the tax collectors. [Read more...]

Father Is Threatened with Divorce If He Keeps His Newborn Son. What Will He Decide?


What would YOU do if your spouse said it was either your child or them? [Read more...]