Congratulations, Alaskan commercial fishing industry! Read why:

Fisherman across the Alaskan waters understand the risk they take every time they step onto the boat. Everyone knows our waters for their extreme conditions and the dangerous excursions they offer. But this year, Alaska’s commercial fishing industry beat the odds and defied nature unlike ever before. [Read more…]

Look! She’s trying NOT to smile.

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House Cleaner Says She was Fired for Her Pro-Life Activism — Here’s What She’s Doing Next

Harmony Daws, a woman who cleaned houses for a living, was elected president of the Oregon Right to Life.  When she shared her news with her boss, she didn’t realize how that would affect her future. The Federalist reports more on her story: [Read more…]

EXCLUSIVE 6 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Sarah Palin Stumping for Trump


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Mood, Always

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