VIDEO: One month to go!

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I can’t wait to see her face!

Melania Trump gets more hate for yet another ridiculous reason

Official Portrait of First Lady

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First lady Melania Trump doesn’t have to do anything to be hated by the Left. She gets it just because she’s the wife of the most hated man in America: Donald Trump. She can’t even release her official portrait as first lady without being criticized for the dumbest things. [Read more…]

Texas student goes completely nuts when he sees a pro-life display


Seriously, what is wrong with people? [Read more…]

3 photos of Sailor Grace Being Super Cute

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Skittles launches color-less candy to celebrate LGBTQ pride, but is accused of white supremacy (yes, really)


You know the Outrage Industry is out in full force when Skittles is being accused of racism.  But that’s exactly what happened when the company decided to make color-less candy to celebrate LGBTQ pride.  On the back of the package, it reads: [Read more…]