Wheelchair on the Runway at Tokyo Fashion Week

I just love to see people who are “differently-abled” get a shot at their dreams. [Read more...]

Nasty Letter Calls Woman with Prosthetic Limb a “Cry Baby One Leg”

Screenshot 2015-03-21 12.51.00

I’ve heard my fair share of rude comments, but sometimes I still can’t believe how mean people can be. [Read more...]

Students at Univ. of California Ban the American Flag, because It’s…. What?

American flag Only in America. And sadly, I mean that in a very negative sense. In what other country would a state-funded school ban their own flag?? [Read more...]

Snow Sculpture as Big as a House Honors Fallen US Military


This guy is a true patriot – and a pretty good artist! [Read more...]

Chaplain Fired for Believing in Biblical Sexuality


Lt. Commander Wes Modder has served in the US military for 19 years, first as a Marine and now as a chaplain for Navy SEALs. One day, his assistant brought him a complaint letter, and he was immediately asked to clean out his office.

What were the charges? [Read more...]