Five-Year-Old Batman Saves Baby’s Life! (Yes, Really!)

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As the mom of a wild little boy, I love this story!

A five-year old little boy went to the grocery store dressed as batman.  Little did he know that he was actually about to become a hero!   [Read more...]

Which of Your Favorite Brands are Funding Planned Parenthood?

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Several news outlets have just published a list of companies that give directly to Planned Parenthood.  There are even more companies out there that match donations to Planned Parenthood by their employees.  Are any of your favorite brands on this list? [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Uses Minions to Defend their Selling of Butchered Baby Parts


How ironic is it that Planned Parenthood is using a gif of a minion to attack their critics? [Read more...]

A Child with Down Syndrome in a Washing Machine? Not Funny.


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I don’t think this is funny, do you? [Read more...]

President Obama Praises Planned Parenthood, Saying “God Bless You”

At Planned Parenthood’s National Conference in 2013, President Obama said to the audience, “Thank you, Planned Parenthood.  God bless you!” [Read more...]