Mom gives baby a bite of her sandwich, but is alarmed at what the baby then does with her hands

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I can’t wait to teach Sailor basic signs like we did with Tripp and Trig!   [Read more…]

After I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time, my doctor asked me a surprising (and sickening) question


Most people know I’m Pro Life. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have gone through the pregnancy I faced when I was 17. The issue is clearly near my heart. [Read more…]

No, my Mom didn’t back out of a Bill Nye debate (but you won’t believe how the writer “defended” herself)

So, some liberal writer named Brittany Cassell published a piece on Bipartisan Report saying my mom had “chickened out” of a debate on climate change with Bill Nye, the Science Guy. [Read more…]

Look what George Bush Sr. did at a Houston Astros game… from his wheelchair!

George H.W. Bush inspired baseball fans everywhere when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a recent Houston Astros game from his wheelchair. [Read more…]

The break-up

Sadie Robertson is the type of girl that people should look up to! Her message is spot on about break ups. It’s so hard going through a break up. You get tunnel vision, and forget to think about any of the positives in your life. [Read more…]