Marine and 2-Time Purple Heart recipient proposes at Trump ball: “make my life great again”

“Make America Great Again? Why not Make My Life Great Again?” Read more

First lady stuns: I bet designers were wishing they dressed Melania now!

Both of these dresses will probably wind up in the Smithsonian. Read more

Bill Clinton shows love to George and Barbara Bush in one, nice tweet

Love, 42 Read more

Designer Tom Ford insults Melania Trump, so Donald strikes back at him where it hurts

There’s always a price to pay when you say stupid stuff. Read more

Who are you targeting for the 30 Day Kindness Challenge?

This isn’t going to be easy, but I’d love for you guys to do it with me! Read more

3 pieces of advice George W. Bush’s daughters gave to Obama’s girls now that they’re leaving the White House

In a day when everyone seems so mean to each other, this is a sweet and touching reminder of grace. Read more

Good Samaritan kills gunman who ambushed a police officer

This Arizona motorist acted quickly and bravely in a VERY challenging situation. Read more

Toby Keith to Perform at Donald Trump’s Inauguration: ‘I Won’t Apologize’

This is the type of people who we should let our kids idolize. Not the Colin Kaepernick type of punk. Read more

Alaska man finds fighting moose frozen in ice

This seems like a sermon illustration waiting to happen. Read more

When the Congressman’s son dabbed, it made me remember this funny “kid + politics” moment

This dabbing thing is something I don’t get either. But kids do funny things. Read more

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