Girls Hair Day

What it looks like when Willow does ALL of our hair on the same day!

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Last trimester!

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Dakota told me the gender of our baby, and I didn’t believe him at first!

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We just found out the gender of our baby…. and it’s a girl!! [Read more…]

Horrible treatment of patients at a veterans hospital exposed online

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A Facebook post by a concerned veteran family has gone viral for exposing the horrible way the Veterans Administration is treating the men and women who sacrificed so much for this country. [Read more…]

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Lena Dunham’s GIRLS episode talks about novelists who abuse their sexual power – what about PRESIDENTS?


I don’t know anyone who actually watches Girls, but I saw this piece in Truth Revolt about how Lena Dunham’s show had a recent episode that dealt with how powerful men use their power to seduce women. [Read more…]