Unbelievable! Is Being Pro-Life “Torture?”

If you are pro-life and speak out against abortion, are you committing torture? [Read more...]

What I Did on Mother’s Day (Three Photos!)

On Sunday, Joey, Tripp, and I went out to the large, “zig-zag” shaped Kenai Lake on the Kenai Peninsula.

Here’s a photo of Joey letting Tripp drive the boat.

Tripp was in heaven!  Check out the joy on his face!

Here’s a great photo I took while we were there.  I love Alaska!

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Will Chelsea’s Pregnancy Cause Hillary to Reconsider Her Stance on Life?

My mom hopes so!  She told Mario Lopez:

[Read more...]

Benham Brothers: “If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

You read about how HGTV — formerly my favorite channel — has decided to discriminate against Christians? [Read more...]

What Abortion Looks Like

Matt Walsh has an amazing post.  He had the guts to do what I feared doing when I posted this and this. [Read more...]