Four tips on surviving Valentine’s Day ALONE with style

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It happens every February.

Pink and red decorations, cheap candy in heart-shaped boxes, and romantic cards start showing up in grocery stores.  It’s a time to show the world that YOU ARE LOVED and you have proof — just check out the Instagram of the roses and candy! [Read more…]

When Maine Required Childless Adults to Work to Get Food Stamps, Guess What Happened

We’ve all heard the stories of able bodied people, hanging out doing nothing but surfing the internet while taking food stamps from the federal government.  Tax payers spent $1 trillion on food stamps LAST YEAR. [Read more…]

If you were the airport agent, what would you do if a man refused to take off his turban?

The man in the photo is named Waris Ahluwalia, and he’s a Sikh. At the airport, he was asked by security to take off his turban.  He refused, and he was stuck in Mexico City until the airline apologized. [Read more…]

BREAKING NEWS: Trump wins New Hampshire! (You won’t believe the current margins)

HUGE win for Donald Trump in New Hampshire!  According to USA Today: [Read more…]

9 things I trust more than Hillary Clinton

I saw a meme on The Daily Gouge that was hilarious.  As Hillary Clinton gets more embroiled in her lies about the email scandal, her inadequate response to the Benghazi tragedy, and her defenseless cover up of Bill’s sexual misconduct, the meme was great: [Read more…]