VIDEO: Ivanka’s son Theodore crawls for the first time at the White House

How cute! [Read more…]

YES! New Trump executive order shows he is serious about stopping abortion for good

On his first week on the job, President Trump signed an executive order that reinstates a Reagan-era rule that stops sending U.S. Taxpayer dollars to foreign countries to pay for abortions. [Read more…]

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Liberals, can’t you just leave Taylor Swift alone?

When Taylor Swift makes you mad, it’s probably time for an extended vacation. [Read more…]

A black man with common sense is asked a question at an Anti-Trump protest, people freak out, and he doesn’t care!


Oh my gosh — I love this guy who calls himself “Big Joe.” [Read more…]

Radio station bans Madonna after she said she wanted to blow up the White House – good!

You just HAVE to love Texas.  Recently, “the Material Girl” Madonna said she was so upset by the new Presidency of Donald Trump that she wanted to blow up the White House.  (Pause for one moment and imagine if a celeb had said that about their messiah figure Barack Obama.) [Read more…]