Girl With Autism’s Christmas Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ Goes Viral for Good Reason

She nailed it! Read more

Salon mourns 2016 as terrible for women but GREAT for abortion

What kind of sick and twisted world do they live in? Read more

Mother, 45, discovered her unborn twins had Down syndrome and really struggled with their diagnosis… then she met them

They’re just the way they’re supposed to be. Read more

Guess who was charged in the ‘Vote Trump’ arson of this church

You won’t believe what the racist church arsonist looks like. Read more

“Having a son” is a dilemma for some liberals now

If your ideology makes you feel sick at the thought of having a boy, there’s something wrong with your ideology. Read more

Sailor Grace takes her first steps!

Okay, I know from first hand experience that this means a LOT more work for me, but how adorable is this?? Read more

When your Santa photo turns out like this…

I took the kids to see Santa, but someone was not as happy to see him as Tripp. Read more

Wait until you hear the REAL story behind Muslim teen’s made up Trump attack

How bad is life at home that this young girl would lie to police and risk jail? Read more

Lena Dunham “apologizes” for saying she wished she’d had an abortion – donates money to abortion clinics

Her discomfort shows that she knows the truth somewhere down deep in her heart. Read more

Victoria’s Secret model posed nude yet felt shamed by breastfeeding in public

She brings up a good point. Read more

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