Horrible treatment of patients at a veterans hospital exposed online

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A Facebook post by a concerned veteran family has gone viral for exposing the horrible way the Veterans Administration is treating the men and women who sacrificed so much for this country. [Read more…]

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Lena Dunham’s GIRLS episode talks about novelists who abuse their sexual power – what about PRESIDENTS?


I don’t know anyone who actually watches Girls, but I saw this piece in Truth Revolt about how Lena Dunham’s show had a recent episode that dealt with how powerful men use their power to seduce women. [Read more…]

Teen Vogue suggests giving fun coloring books to young teens who’ve had abortions


This is evil.  Teen Vogue decided that what the world needs now is a gift guide for teenage girls who’ve just had abortions.  The author Whitney Bell really has the gall.  She says there’s nothing in the world wrong with having an abortion, and the worst part is…. wait for it…  the way people treat you afterwards. [Read more…]

If a pre-school teacher says ‘kill some jews,’ should they still have a job?


A pre-school teacher in Texas was suspended, but not fired, after her employer found anti-Semitic hate speech on her social media. [Read more…]

Feminists freak out over THIS sign – which is very, very telling


Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing at how dumb feminists are! [Read more…]