Wait until you hear the punishment a college student received for filming prof calling Trump election an “act of terror”

Had it been someone talking about Obama, they would’ve been fired! Read more

Couple reveals pregnancy with twins in amazing photo with 452 IVF needles

The way they chose to tell the world is about the sweetest thing I’ve seen. Read more

Teachers should stop forcing their political opinions on children

So Piper had an awkward moment too with her teacher. Read more

Horrible religious freedom ruling in Washington State might affect your and your livelihood

The ACLU will come after this grandmother for over a million dollars worth of attorneys’ fees… just because she acted on her faith. Read more

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld says to just get over the anti-Trump hysteria

Thanks, Karl, for the candid take on how fashion and politics really shouldn’t mix. Read more

These school teachers said awful things about their students and won’t be fired

This is terrible! Read more

Silly upper East Side parents worried to send their kids to school with Trump grandkid

Please, liberals, stop being hysterical over every single exposure to Donald Trump Read more

Mean liberals snub Trump’s daughter at fashion show, but Whoopi isn’t having it!

Thanks, Whoopi — maybe the rest of the hysterical liberals can relax a bit too. Read more

Ashton Kutcher’s emotional speech before the Senate is a MUST WATCH

Forget everything you think you know about the actor. He means business. Read more

Conor McGregor on crybaby Trump protesters: ‘It’s the wrong mindset’

Sometimes it takes an Irishman to tell Americans to grow up. Read more

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