Her Baby Died During Birth, But Mom Asked To Hold Him; Two Hours Later, She Heard A Gasp

You won’t believe this.  Really.  It’s a miracle. [Read more...]

America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

The Gospel Coalition has a great article to catch you up on the horrors that happened in that Philadelphia abortion clinic of Kermit Gosnell a year ago this month. [Read more...]

A Comic Book with a Superhero who has Down Syndrome!

Check this out! [Read more...]

X Factor Star Says Abortions of Babies with Down Syndrome “Hurt My Heart”

When British singer Leona Lewis was asked about the large percentage of babies who have Down Syndrome are aborted, she said it made her “incredibly sad” and that “it hurts my heart.” [Read more...]

Abortionist Who Killed Over 20,000 Babies Had Recurring Nightmare of Babies Trying To Cling to Womb

I found this Mother Jones interview with an abortionist who performed the late term abortions on women ever since it became legal after Roe v. Wade. [Read more...]