How a Paraplegic Veteran Surprised His Bride for Their First Dance

first danceMichelle is a wedding planner, but she would never have guessed the special surprise her husband-to-be had planned for their first dance. [Read more...]

Give a Christmas Gift, Get a Spouse?!

Tyrel & JoanaWhat does it take to find ‘the one’? For this couple, it was as complicated as a journey across the world, and as simple as mailing a Christmas gift. [Read more...]

More College Students Approve of “Post Birth Abortion”

baby eyes

How could anyone think killing a newborn is okay? [Read more...]

Impeachment Goes Mainstream, but Mom Said It First


So many people are saying Obama should be impeached that Breitbart says impeachment has gone mainstream. Can I just say, Mom was saying this months ago! [Read more...]

High School Student Beats Incumbent, Becomes Youngest State Representative in the Country

Saira Blair

Saira Blair is pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family. [Read more...]