Ted Cruz Shows Class in Gracious Response to Criticism


This is nice.  Yesterday morning, I posted THIS about how I felt that Ted Cruz shouldn’t criticize my mom over the speculation that she might endorse Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Adorable Picture of a Bride and Her Service Dog

Bella aisle
“Whoever says diamonds are a girl’s best friend must not have a dog.”

Truth! And this picture proves it. [Read more…]

Is THIS Why People Don’t like Cruz?


Is my Mom going to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States? [Read more…]

Schools Ban ‘U-S-A!,’ ‘Air Ball,’ and ‘Scoreboard’ Chants


This happened. A new policy enacted by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association stops students from chanting “U-S-A,” “Scoreboard,” and “Air Ball.”

[Read more…]

NEW PHOTO: Trig and His Newest Bud

Trig and Sailor

He officially loves her. [Read more…]