Quick, feminists, which rights will Trump take away? “Ummm” doesn’t count

I guess it’s just fun to get dressed up — or not at all — and hold a crazy sign. Read more

How my family is making me feel like a princess!

I went to make coffee and look what I found! Read more

Mike Pence becomes the FIRST American VP to do this… and I love him for it!

Now that’s change we can believe in! Read more

Premature baby born with feet the size of pennies, but look at her now!

Her foot was the size of a penny. Then, she showed the world she was ready for it! Read more

VIDEO: Ivanka’s son Theodore crawls for the first time at the White House

There will be lots of milestones for the Trump family, but they probably won’t be this cute. Read more

YES! New Trump executive order shows he is serious about stopping abortion for good

This is such great news! Read more

Liberals, can’t you just leave Taylor Swift alone?

America’s sweetheart is making progressives hysterical. Read more

A black man with common sense is asked a question at an Anti-Trump protest, people freak out, and he doesn’t care!

They tried to shout him down, but he was NOT having it. Read more

Radio station bans Madonna after she said she wanted to blow up the White House – good!

The next 4 to 8 years are going to be fun! Read more

4 things I’ve learned since starting the 30 Day Kindness Challenge

Once you get going on it, you realize how tough some of these can be! Read more

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