Model Amanda Booth is raising a child with Down Syndrome, and she’s doing it beautifully

This is precious!  When model Amanda Booth and her husband had a son, they didn’t realize he had Down syndrome.  Though it was a tough time of life, this is when she began to see the strength that her little one had.

According to Yahoo News, she said:

“When Micah was born, there were so many complications and doubts, but it was in those moments that I discovered his strength; and he taught me to see mine.”

After researching more about Down syndrome, she has decided to try to defy stereotypes by sharing her life more openly.  She believes this will encourage others who have children who are differently abled.

“A few months after settling into our new roles as parents to a child with special needs, we started our social media outreach. Mainly because I had found so much comfort in seeing other little ones flourish, I felt a responsibility to be that for other people.”

She sees at least part of her mission to be to “normalize” having a child with Down syndrome.

“Now that Micah has grown into a very typical, tornado of a toddler, I’m able to give myself a little shift in my parenting needs: I am starting my advocacy for my son. I need people to see him for who he is. I need them to recognize his ability, and to allow themselves to give him the opportunity to succeed. I need them to not miss out on the love that he has to give. He won’t miss out, that’s my job.”

Which I think is great!  When Mom had Trig, it was a little intimidating…  but I now know that we’ve been blessed beyond measure — I wouldn’t trade him for the entire world.

Enjoy 2 more photos of Amanda and her son by clicking CONTINUE:

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VIDEO: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Dances His Tail Off For His Daughter’s First Halloween

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The woman who asked Hillary about the Flint water crisis (the question Donna Brazile leaked) is furious – here’s why

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Abortion is a RACIAL ISSUE – black pastors, intellectuals, and leaders speak out against Hillary’s silence

This is powerful:

In an “open letter” to Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a group of leading black Christian clergy and intellectuals are denouncing Clinton’s complicity in America’s abortion crisis, which it says has had a “catastrophic impact” on the black community.

The 26 prominent black Christian leaders, including eight African American bishops, assailed Clinton for what they call her “unconscionable silence in the face of such destruction of innocent black life,” through her vigorous support of the U.S. abortion industry.

“Black babies are dying at terrifying rates,” states the letter, a copy of which was sent to Breitbart News. “Don’t black lives matter?”

That’s a very good question.

National Review article tackled the uncomfortable truth of how more black babies are aborted than born in New York City.  Alec Torres writes:

In 2012, black women in New York City aborted over 6,500 more children than they gave birth to. Data from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shows that, among non-hispanic black women, there were 31,328 “induced terminations” to 24,758 live births, according to a CNS Newsreport.

In other words, abortion is a matter of racial justice.

The leaders said that that they “oppose the violent denial of life to the unborn through abortion,” which is a “logical outgrowth” of our view that there must be justice for all.”

“Particularly relevant is the innocence of the unborn child,” they stated. “What policies would you pursue as president to reverse the soaring abortion rates among black women?”

Stand up for the unborn, America!

3 provocative things Bobby Knight said about Donald Trump, even though it was being broadcast on live TV

According to Breitbart:

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters filled the DeltaPlex arena on a cool Halloween morning — some in costume — as the Republican presidential nominee made a bid to expand the electoral map and win a state that has long eluded Republican presidential candidates. The crowd — some 8,000 strong in the DeltaPlex stadium — waited patiently through warmup speeches and delays, and were rewarded with an appearance by former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who introduced Trump.”

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