‘The Brady Bunch’ Mom Florence Henderson Dies at 82

Hate to hear this: [Read more…]

Designers Diss Melania Trump, but not Tommy Hilfiger

Designers from all over the world fawned over the chance to dress Michelle Obama these last eight years making her one of the most fashionably and expensively dressed first ladies of all time. But with the election of Donald Trump, some designers don’t want anything to do with the next first lady, which is strange since she was a professional model. [Read more…]

Baby born with white streak in hair keeps family’s 200-year trait alive

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Screenshot from family photos on this video

How sweet is this? [Read more…]

Oregon Labor Commish who fined Christian baker $135K just got some sweet justice


It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton that was humiliated on election day. Sure, her devastating loss had the biggest impact because she was running for president, but there is one other person I’m glad suffered the same defeat: Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian. [Read more…]

Jon Voight buys Thanksgiving turkeys for stranger in line at Wal-Mart

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The Home of the Innocents” is a non-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky which “has been in operation for 135 years, served over 7,000 children and their families last year. The Home provides services to assist those who are facing severe crisis.”  That includes “residential and community-based services to children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected.” [Read more…]