Winning ‘Wheel of Fortune’ player started guessing X and Z —then Pat figured out why

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This is sweet, from IJR: [Read more…]

‘I love Melania. She’s beautiful’: Designer Gabbana praises the next First Lady

This makes me love this brand even more!  The Daily Mail reports: [Read more…]

Best-selling author, criticized for not having gay characters, delivers THIS ruthless response

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So this happened. S.E. Hinton, author of the 1967 classic “The Outsiders,” was attacked on Twitter for being homophobic. [Read more…]

This resurfaced Lena Dunham tweet proves she needs to just shut up already

Lena Dunham: the name doesn’t conjure up visions of a great actress like I’m sure she would like it to. Instead, all we can picture is a loud-mouthed liberal who prefers appearing without her clothes, wished she had an abortion, and rants about vile things on Twitter. Enough! She needs to just shut up already. [Read more…]

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Yes! Admitted leftist Chef Anthony Bourdain just told the truth about “privileged” liberals

He’s a celebrity chef, author, and TV personality, but native New Yorker Anthony Bourdain also considers himself a “privileged Eastern liberal,” which makes what he said about his own kind even more satisfying. [Read more…]