Yes! Admitted leftist Chef Anthony Bourdain just told the truth about “privileged” liberals

Their mouths said they didn’t want Donald Trump, but their actions said otherwise. Read more

Don’t ever trespass on this Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s property, she’s armed and ready to protect herself

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Bitter liberals “stick it to Trump” by giving Ivanka’s boots negative reviews on Amazon

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Outraged artists demand Ivanka Trump remove their work from the walls of her home

Petty, petty leftists. Read more

5 Signs that Political Correctness Died in 2016 — Good Riddance!

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The Left eats its own: Feminist devours Steve Martin for his “sexist” tribute to Carrie Fisher

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11 A-list artists that refused to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration

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Taylor Swift visits 96-year-old WW2 veteran/superfan

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Girl With Autism’s Christmas Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ Goes Viral for Good Reason

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Salon mourns 2016 as terrible for women but GREAT for abortion

What kind of sick and twisted world do they live in? Read more

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