Heartbreaking Letter


This was his third Christmas in prison. [Read more...]

Man Freaks Out Over “Merry Christmas” Greeting on Flight


You won’t believe what happened at La Guardia Tuesday.   My mom wrote about this type of thing in her book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas,” and people accused her of stereotyping the anti-Christmas crowd.  Of course, she was exactly right. [Read more...]

Top Ten Posts of 2014


I can’t believe what a part of my life this blog — and my readers — have become over the years.  Do you guys have big New Year’s Eve plans?  I’m not sure what I’m doing, but the end of the year has caused me to look back at 2014 and see what was popular on the blog.

Some of these won’t be surprising and are things I’d rather not revisit, but some are inspirational to see once again.

10.  Patricia Heaton’s Gutsy Tweet about Black Abortion

9.  Lena Dunham is the Type of Person the Left Celebrates (Adults Only)

8.  Her Baby Died in Birth, So Mom Asked to Hold Him – 2 Hours Later, She Heard a Gasp

7.  Pregnant Abortionist Feels Baby Kick Just as She Tears Off a Leg in an Abortion

6.  Woman Films Her Own Abortion, Gets Audience She Always Wanted

5.  My Parents’ Divorce

4.  Compare These Two Videos

3. Praying for Glenn Beck

2.  Meet Joshua Walter Fretz

And the most highly read blog post of the year for me, at almost 600,000 page views, was this:

1. Sadie Robertson Sticks to Her Christian Values While Performing the Rumba on DWTS – the Judges’ Reactions Bring Her to Tears

Thank you all for making this blog so fun and enjoyable.  I love sharing my life with you!

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Police Catch a Shoplifter, but Ask the Store Not to Press Charges. Why?

Three police officers in New Mexico caught a 23-year-old man shoplifting from a local store, but when they saw what he was stealing, they asked the owner not to press charges.

Why? [Read more...]

Target Ad Pictures Cutest Girl with Down Syndrome

Way to go, Target! [Read more...]