White House press secretary harassed at an Apple Store, his reaction infuriated the lady

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Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, was shopping at an Apple Store this weekend in Washington, D.C. and was verbally harassed by a woman asking ridiculous questions and pointing a camera in his face. [Read more…]

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The difference between liberal and conservative parenting in one cute video

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I’m laughing at this because I’m imagining how this scene would play out had it happened in a liberal household. [Read more…]

Ex-Planned Parenthood employee looking at abortion remains: “Why are there three arms?”

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This literally makes me want to vomit. [Read more…]

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Something completely unexpected happened when retailers dumped Ivanka Trump’s brand, and liberals are fuming

The liberal activists behind Grab Your Wallet attempted to crush Ivanka Trump by getting her brand off the shelves at the big retail stores, but their plans backfired because her items are selling like crazy. [Read more…]

Political comedian mocks a conservative’s ‘Nazi’ haircut, gets called out on her HORRIBLE mistake

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Samantha Bee hosts a liberal show on TBS called Full Frontal. In a recent segment covering the Conservative Political Action Conference, she made fun of a conservative’s hairstyle, calling it “Nazi hair.” But when she found out why the young man shaves the sides of his head, she had to issue an apology and pull the clip off YouTube. [Read more…]

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