Adopted Ohio Woman Finds Out Birth Mom is Her Coworker

middle aged african mother and adult daughter

I love a good family reunion story! [Read more...]

Wedding Prep At Its Best

cinnamon rolls

My mom made homemade cinnamon rolls! [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious Beliefs Have To Be Changed’ so Women Can Get Abortions

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She really is out to change our nation, one religious belief at a time. [Read more...]

Carrie Underwood Defends Christian Themes in Her Songs

Carrie Underwood flickr

Carrie Underwood has a powerful voice, and it’s awesome to see her use it to praise God! [Read more...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Epic Response When He’s Asked if Constitution Should Be Amended So He Can Run for President

arnold schwartz flickr

Arnold Schwartzenegger isn’t allowed to run for President because he wasn’t born in this country. How does he feel about that? [Read more...]