Bill Clinton shows love to George and Barbara Bush in one, nice tweet

In today’s sometimes mean political environment, it might take something like an illness to remind us all that our politicians are just human beings, made in the image of God.

When George and Barbara Bush were hospitalized this week, the nation held its breath.

Thankfully, things are looking up for both of them!

Doctors treating former President George H.W. Bush for pneumonia considered Thursday whether to take out a breathing tube while his wife, Barbara, said she was feeling much better after undergoing treatment for bronchitis.

At ninety-two years old, health is super important and no one wanted to see the former President suffer… and loving tweets, letters, and emails poured in from all over the nation.

This tweet, from a pretty prominent former political rival, was particularly sweet.

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Who are you targeting for the 30 Day Kindness Challenge?

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So excited about the 30 Day Kindness Challenge which starts (for me) TODAY.

I’d love to do this with my readers and friends.  Would you like to join me?

Here’s how you do it.  Pick someone with whom you want a better relationship—it could be anyone — your boyfriend or girlfriend,  husband or wife, boss, friend, neighbor, mother-in-law…

I mentioned last week, I’m doing it for Dakota.  (Click HERE to find out why.)

1. Say nothing negative/negatively about your person—either to them or about them to somebody else. (If you must provide honest, negative feedback to or about a colleague or child for vital reasons, be constructive, helpful and encouraging, without a negative tone. i.e. “Yes, the boss was in a bad mood today. The executive committee is probably on his case. Let’s stay focused, and deliver a great report next week.”)

2. Every day (or as often as possible), find one thing positive that you can sincerely praise or affirm about your person and tell them, and tell someone else. (i.e. Tell your mother-in-law, “Thanks for being willing to watch the kids last night while we were at that meeting,” and then tell your husband the same thing. Without bringing up that she let the kids stay up way too late again.)

3. Every day (or as often as possible), do one small act of kindness or generosity for your person.

Apparently, it really works! If you’d like to do this with me, click here.  Every day, you”l receive an email with hints on ways to do the Challenge. You can pick the date you start!

Join me!

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