Now You Can’t Call Breastfeeding ‘Natural’ Because It Reinforces Gender Roles

Now You Can’t Call Breastfeeding ‘Natural’ Because It Reinforces Gender Roles April 28, 2017


I’m about to have a baby!!!!! But when I saw this, I had to tell you about it.

A new study says that governments and hospitals which describing breastfeeding as “natural” are morally wrong. Guess why?  You seriously might need to sit down for this:

“Coupling nature with motherhood… can inadvertently support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family (for example, that women should be the primary caretaker,” the study says.

What on earth??  Their piece in Pediatrics goes on to say:

“Referencing the ‘natural’ in breastfeeding promotion… may inadvertently endorse a set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate,” the study says.

M.J. Randolph at Truth Revolt writes:

This is a fascinating read, because it’s obvious that Martucci and Barnhill care less about the health of the babies and more about the emotional well being of some transgendered man who hopes his kid will grow up to call him “Mom.”  Enough is enough!  The well-being of children should take precedence over the identity politics of who-gets-to-lactate.  In fact, there is no authentic “identity politics” angle on the matter.  It’s basic science and common sense.

I actually don’t care if moms decide to breastfeed or bottle feed.  I trust moms to make that decision for themselves.  But these liberal activists are just going nuts on the political correctness scale.  Women are mothers.  Deal with it, or take it up with God or Mother Nature.

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