A one-week update about our newest addition!

A one-week update about our newest addition! May 15, 2017

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My littlest baby is a week old today!

I feel like it’s flown by – but also feel like she’s been here all along.  She was born May 8th, weighing 7 lbs and 4 oz, measuring 20 in long with a lot of dark hair!

Her birth was a breeze, we had the best doctor/nurses imaginable, and Dakota did amazing!! He held my hand, took care – and encouraged me the entire time, I could not have a more supportive husband. This pregnancy has strengthen our bond and made our relationship stand even firmer on the foundation that we have proudly built up for our little family.  I’ve been wanting to do an update on here for months but haven’t had the time to sit down and even begin to gather my thoughts.

Here’s another thing I wanted to tell you… WE MOVED!!!! 

When Dakota and I got married, we both agreed that we would “meet in the middle” and move somewhere to dig our roots in a mutual, new, place. We decided on Texas, and I couldn’t be happier! The kids love it too.  The new house  is just in time for Dakota and me to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I feel like my life has never been this “normal.” It’s been so wonderful and I give all the thanks to my husband.. he has shown me really what the definition of love truly is. He really is the most selfless man – and has been my rock through everything this past year.

As you might imagine, welcoming our third baby has changed the whole dynamic of our family.

Our “baby girl” (Sailor) is not a baby anymore!!!! I feel like it was just overnight – she went from our baby girl – to a toddler!!! It is so sad how fast life goes by, but so fun to see her growing up at the same time. She loves her little sister and just wants to help us with everything…. :/ She is still a little rough, but it is all out of love! Tripp has always been the best big brother, he has a heart of gold. He has become a pro at this point, this is his 4th little sister (yes fourth, his dad has two).

He loves our new addition just like I knew he would! I am so thankful for the babies God chose me to mother. It has been the best title I could’ve ever been given.

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