The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss

So Whose Freedoms are Really Being Threatened?

When I think about the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution, I am always reminded of this photograph which was taken by Todd Robertson for the Gainesville Times during the 1980s. The irony of the black officers and the curious white child, preaches its own sermon, but that is for another day. For our purposes here, I believe the photo is a striking depiction of the freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and for that matter, the freedom of religion (They claim to be a Christian organization).

As appalling and revolting as the Klan may be, it has the right to exist, and its members have the right to express their opinions. And when they do so, they are protected (and defended if need be) by the United States government. This, like love, is a many-splendored thing, and is American as apple pie.

It should also be pointed out that the officers in the picture were not there to stifle the speech of the Klan, or that of the even larger gathering of counter-protesters. They were present to protect both sides from violence. This same protection must be available for Kushnir and anyone else who stands up for traditional values (and yes, I am comparing racism and anti LGBT prejudice).

I always have, and always will, defend the rights of all to exercise free speech. However, I will not stand in the way of the fallout spawned by these sentiments. Unless, of course, they are threats of violence and rape as Kushnir said she was receiving on this Fox News clip:

The Truth Behind the Facade of Persecution
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