The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss

The Truth Behind the Facade of Persecution

If truth be told, the vast majority of the negative feedback Kushner and others have received are not violent in nature. They have been issued from individuals who are simply demanding that all citizens be granted the same rights that Kushner has always enjoyed. Their ultimatum is that all deserve “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The crux of the problem lies with the Christian majority still not used to their “traditional values” being challenged. Moreover, their privilege has blinded them to the fact that most of the time, the minority (be they LGBT, atheist, or otherwise) have remained silent in their presence. It is they who are often not free to, as Humphreys put it, “have the right to express the way they feel” without being penalized for them. This is why the minority is called “militant” when they simply speak up.

Personally, regardless of the fact that I am a white male, who shares many values that are considered traditional, more times than not, I bite my tongue when the topic of god(s) or religion are brought up. Usually these statements are made as if they are indeed fact, and the one making them are clueless that a dissenting opinion exists. At each moment, I have to “censor” myself and determine if I want to calmly voice my viewpoint, which will be perceived as combative, or to smile and keep the peace.

Kushnir’s Hypocrisy Exposed
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