The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss

Kushnir’s Hypocrisy Exposed

While our society continues to have these discussions, it is imperative that both sides be honest about their motivations. On her talk show, Kushnir claimed ESPN was also not the place for heterosexuals to receive supportive kisses from their loved ones either. She quipped that she would tell them to “get a room.” I don’t think anyone believes this to be true. There is no doubt that Kushnir’s children have seen hundreds of heterosexual kisses on ESPN. Jim Buzinski put together this compilation of kiss photos for Outsports. Here are three examples:

Did Kushnir run to switch channels in an attempt to protect her children from this kiss shared at the end of Super Bowl XLVI?

Or, what if her kids saw a scene like this? Tom Brady is touching Gisele’s butt for god sakes!

Surely, this last one is horrible. It is even interracial! I’m sure Kushnir has no problem with interracial couples, but it was not too long ago that interracial marriage was considered against traditional family values. It was even illegal in the US until 1967.

So let’s be honest. Kushnir was only offended because Sam’s kiss was homosexual, and it is taboo to her because of her traditional “Christian” values. There is no valid reason to be opposed to same sex marriage otherwise. Any other excuses created are nothing but lies. Let me reiterate, Kushnir has the right to say what she believes, but she is not invulnerable to the consequences. She is not being persecuted for expressing them in public, and allowing for the rights of LGBT individuals does not threaten her freedoms.

The Final Nail in Kushnir’s Hypocrite Coffin
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