The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss

The Final Nail in Kushnir’s Hypocrite Coffin

Here’s one final thing that exposes the phony “protect the children” talking points Kushnir has been shoveling since she walked of her show’s set. It is a clip from her show back in February:

Surely, there were a few kids who happened to be watching that episode of The Broadcast. It is a morning talk show. How could Kushnir even pretend to be concerned about children seeing Michael Sam’s kiss due to its erotic nature? That kiss was so benign and unsexual. It was sweet and supportive. Contrast it with the way Kushnir is performing with those with half-naked Chippendale’s dancers. She goes flush and even lets them lift her into the air. Come on Kushnir, be honest. Perhaps if you, and others who share your view, are at least honest with your motivations, we can accomplish something in our discussions. It may also help if all of us realized that homosexuality is not just a way to have sex, it is a way to love.

Brother Richard

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