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Almost Getting It

T (2yo) crying in the background...Me:             What happened?M (3yo):     T made a poor choice and hit me in the head with a cup.Me:             And then what happened?M:               (Innocently) I pushed him into the wall.Almost.  Almost... :) … [Read more...]

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum on children with birth “defects” and sacrificial love

Thought of you all--Red, Kat, and all of you to whom God has given these precious children."The Elephant in the Room: Hope does not disappoint"by Former U.S. Senator Rick SantorumThu, Sep. 25, 2008Philadelphia Inquirer … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Madness

What did I spend a chunk of my weekend doing? Celebrating the thrill of victory and playoff baseball as my Phillies clinched the NL East Title in dramatic fashion.And...Watching the disgusting play of the Philadelphia Eagles in their loss to the Chicago Bears. As I type this post I'm still seething from the loss.In my profile, I confess my love of sports. I'm a particularly big baseball and professional football fan. But what is not in my profile, and what is probably the most important fact … [Read more...]

Good Morning, Maria Montessori

Since Angelina's birth, my husband has been getting up with Bella and Bean in the morning while I stay in bed with Angelina (we only co-sleep in the morning, OK?) for a few precious extra minutes of sleep. He gets ready while watching the older kids, then wakes me up when he's leaving for work so that I can get their day started.Don't tell him, but lately I've been nodding at him, waving him on his way, then going back to sleep. We have a small two bedroom apartment, so I could hear if anything … [Read more...]

I Am So Not Above Bribing…

We have a family wedding in a few weeks and the boys have been tapped as Ringbearer and Ringbearer's Assistant. Any thoughts on how to get a 3 year old and 20 month old down the aisle? The grandparents will be in charge of getting them down as Mr. Incredible and I are in the wedding as well and will have already walked.Our current strategy is to have Papa at the back and Momo at the front of the church in the pew with candy in tow (a very rare treat for my kids). We got them into their tuxes for … [Read more...]

Buying in Bulk

There is something so amazing and gratifying about bulk food shopping:10 toothbrushes for less than a dollar a brush--yes!48 double rolls of toilet paper for the cost of 40--you betcha!12 chicken breasts more than $2 off per pound (in comparison to the grocery store)--hallelujah!We are relatively new to the bulk food/sundry shopping world, having just joined the local COSTCO in town for a "mere" $50 membership fee. And while I'm pretty sure we're recouping that cost with all the savings, there's … [Read more...]

Other Bizarre News

I wasn't online much yesterday, but several of our readers sent me this story. Apparently, inspired by the Swiss restaurant, PETA sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's requesting that the company switch from cows milk to human breast milk in their ice cream production?"The fact that human adults consume huge quantities of dairy products made from milk that was meant for a baby cow just doesn't make sense," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Everyone knows that 'the breast is best,' so … [Read more...]

The Milk Maid

We have had a lot of questions in the comments and via email about why I pump instead of nurse my children. I've tried to respond to them all, but it is probably easiest just to explain it all here. So, after this, if you were to see the current state of the floor of my car, there will be no secrets between us!After Dash was born, I found nursing to be excruciatingly painful from the very first moment. I was sobbing every time I tried to nurse, and still in pain even when not nursing. When I say … [Read more...]

Dunder Mifflin… Season Five

Reserve a spot on your couch, grab your spouse and your Kashi bar (just kidding, but you know this blog, right?...). The time has finally arrived. Season Five of The Office kicks off tomorrow, September 25, 9/8c. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!I've never, ever been a sitcom watcher; in fact I have a mostly-bitter relationship with TV on the whole. But I love The Office. Why? Here's my top five list of reasons:(1) Jim and Pam(2) Jim and Pam(3) Jim and Pam(4) Jim and Pam(5) Dwight's hilarious attitude and lines, … [Read more...]

Untimely Demise

So, I would be posting delicious pictures of John and Mary's fourth birthday party, but this morning Mary accidently knocked my camera off the kitchen counter in her birthday excitment and the lense broke right in half. This beloved old camera was my college graduation present and feels like a significant player in my life and marriage, so I am sad to see it go.Anyone have a camera they really recommend? I am all digital, all automatic, but I want really good pictures and resolution that I can … [Read more...]