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techno meltdown

In the past month, the following have been lost or broken:my computermy ipodmy radiomy alarm clockmy cell phonemy dvd playermy camera's memory cardI am taking this as a bit of a sign that I need to disconnect! I hope to make it through the summer as an analog homeschool mom, and spend some time thinking and praying about what role, if any, all of this technology should play in my life, and the life of my children. I have seen benefits (no temptation to check email) and also downsides (no … [Read more...]

Make Your Way to Carvel This Afternoon…

Because they're giving out free 8oz Icebergs from 3-7pm today. In case you missed 31 cent scoop last night at Baskin-Robbins (we didn't) or simply desire take advantage of every opportunity for cheap/free ice cream to fatten up for the coming swimsuit season (like me). Enjoy! … [Read more...]

St. Gianna

Today is the feast of St. Gianna Beretta Molla. I have a special devotion to St. Gianna and so I thought it appropriate to post the origins of that devotion today.Almost seven years ago, our first daughter, Therese Joy, was diagnosed in utero with a fatal neural tube defect called anencephaly. In the days and weeks following Therese's diagnosis, I literally survived on the prayers of hundreds of friends. Some of these friends I have never met, and others I have had the pleasure of meeting … [Read more...]

Mary Ann Glendon Turns Down the Laetare Medal

Mary Ann Glendon was the 2009 recipient of Notre Dame's highest honor, the Laetare Medal, which is awarded each year during Commencement. Receiving this honor put her on deck to speak alongside President Obama at Notre Dame's Commencement in May. In the last weeks, amid the firestorm following the selection of Obama as Notre Dame's Commencement speaker and as recipient of an honorary degree, Notre Dame officials have been using Mary Ann Glendon's balancing presence at Commencement to justify … [Read more...]

Our Audience with Queen Bean

On Saturday MaryAlice and I attended the CHAPLET Homeschool Conference and had the privilege of meeting Danielle Bean!Danielle flew in from New Hampshire to speak at the conference, and MaryAlice and I acted as her chauffeurs for the weekend. What a blessing to meet Danielle in person. In my earliest days of parenthood, I remember reading Danielle's first book, My Cup of Tea, and feeling very uplifted by her words and perspective. Unlike many other parenting books I had read, Danielle always … [Read more...]

Techno Parenting

Now that my cherubs are getting a bit older and more techno savvy, I'm allowing them greater reign on our family's home iMac. They appear small and defenseless in the shadow of its 18-inch screen. Their eyes stare widely at the images glowing back at them. The computer becomes like God in their little worlds for a brief moment.Thanks to Awol, we are now regular Starfall visitors and the boys have a usual agenda of watching the snowman story and then proceeding through the alphabet. M (4) … [Read more...]

How Do You Rue?

As I was flipping through the local newspaper this morning, I came across a delicious recipe for Shrimp, Corn, and Tomato Stew. I clipped it out of the paper and started reading the recipe to see if I had the necessary ingredients, and was surprised to see that this recipe calls for 1 cup - yes, that's 2 sticks!! - of butter. Now I must confess that I've never made a stew that calls for a rue, but 2 sticks of butter seems like a lot for a recipe that's only supposed to serve 8 people! Does … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter and Sunscreen

As I titled this post I laughed remembering writing an email to the builders in our pre-blog days titled "avocados and chicken pox" and Red wrote back how disappointed she was when discovered it was not about some obscure link between eating avocados and getting chicken pox.So, on two unrelated notes:I know Mary Alice has confessed a similar love of Costco's organic peanut butter. My question is this. How does one stir in the oil that separates out from natural peanut butter without making a … [Read more...]

Proof that it wasn’t all just a dream…

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Are we doing permanent damage?

I've been teaching my 5-yr old daughter about money. First was pennies, then dimes. Yesterday, we moved on to nickels, which of course bear the image of our third President, Thomas Jefferson.But when I showed the nickel to my daughter, she surprised me with this comment: "Mama, is that William Wallace on the nickel?"I blame my husband and his infamous Braveheart monologues.But now that she mentions it, I do see a resemblance:For those concerned, don't worry - we haven't actually allowed the … [Read more...]