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You Know You’re a Mom When…'re missing a kitchen utensil and you look in the sandbox before rummaging through your kitchen drawers.Problem solved. … [Read more...]

H1N1 and Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers are apparently at higher risk for serious infection and possible death upon contraction of the H1N1 flu virus. If you are expecting and feel flu-like symptoms coming on, head to the doctor immediately! A pregnant family member of one of the builders was hospitalized recently for H1N1. We're glad to report that she and the baby are well--the little bean arrived a week later and doctors are relieved the baby had time to build antibodies while in the womb. Praise God for a … [Read more...]

Praise God, Luke is Home

From the facebook page:LUKE'S BEEN FOUND!!Please join us in prayers of thanksgiving and praise.Message from his family: Luke Dillier was found this afternoon, Monday July 26th. He is safe and back at home with his family. Luke was identified by a DART Police officer who had just 5 minutes before seen one of the fliers our community has been posting. The family wishes to thank the entire community and the police officers for their support, love and prayers that brought Luke home safely to them. … [Read more...]

Missing Boy

***UPDATE: FOUND! Please pray for their family****A local boy is missing from the Dallas area. I still think of this Building Cathedrals blog as an offshoot of our Princeton moms emails, but a quick glance at our site meter reminds me that we have many readers. Please pass along any information you may have and pray for Luke and his family.6'2", 200 lb and 15 year old Christopher Luke Dillier is missing. He goes by Luke. Luke went along with his brother and mother, to his brother's violin lesson … [Read more...]

Tots and TV: The Shocking and the Not-So-Shocking News

In the June 19th issue of The Week magazine, an article once again reported that "new" studies have found that there are detrimental effects for children under the age of 2 who watch a lot of TV. In not-so-shocking news, the article reported that when the TV is on, adults speak 500-1000 less words per hour to their children, which can impede their children's intellectual and emotional development. It doesn't matter whether the programming is adult or child-focused; either way, adults aren't … [Read more...]

Summer Book Report

After my last parenting post regarding the trials we've experienced while raising our little angels (one little angel, in particular), I received many wonderful suggestions for books to read and digest. Thank you to many of you who reached out with kindness and support. I have taken your thoughts and comments to heart and have since been greatly encouraged on the homefront.Of the book recommendations, I immediately acted on two of your suggestions. The first, You're A Better Parent Than You … [Read more...]

Remember the Sabbath

"The seventh day is a sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord."We just returned from a wonderful vacation from Colorado, replete with exploring, digging, wading, swimming, collecting and just enjoying nature and family. We drove all day saturday, pulling in in time to tuck the boys into bed. Sunday was a strange day....a day of washing, folding, unpacking, grocery shopping, and organizing. We went to mass in the evening instead of at the crack of dawn, because my husband had to fly home from … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Thoughts

I remember being confused as a child when my mother would say, usually towards the end of our family vacations, that she couldn't wait to sleep in her own bed again. This was her way of saying that she was ready for our family "vacation" to be over, and I could never quite understand why she would think this! After all, I loved vacation and would have stayed forever if I could have! Now that I'm the parent, I understand my mother's words much better than I did as a child, although I must say … [Read more...]

Summer Days at the Beach

Only 5 days until we depart for our summer vacation at the Jersey Shore. I'm busy packing, cleaning, doing extra laundry, organizing, and PRAYING for peace this week. I hope your Monday is going well! … [Read more...]

Skipping Vanity Fair

While watching my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter play outside in wind and sunshine this week, I was struck by something very refreshing. This child does nothing superfluous to herself. She cleans, feeds and dresses herself well. Vanity and peer pressure do not yet factor into her decisions. The imposed desire to improve her appearance for the approval or attention of others is still distant - or at least minimal - in her consciousness. As soon as she was able to make decisions for herself … [Read more...]