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In the Know

Last Tuesday I got a call from Red. She immediately let me know that she was ok and B-Mama was ok. I was about to let her know how our Tuesday was going as well, which was apparently not the correct response and she asked, "You know about the earthquake, right?"I was trying to process the fact that to my knowledge both ladies were at home on the east coast and asked Red to let me know what on earth was going on.This is fairly indicative of my grasp on current events at this stage. I used to … [Read more...]

Back to Homeschooling

We started our school year two weeks ago, and I've been meaning to post about it, but for once I've been too busy homeschooling my kids to write about homeschooling!  I now have two children of official school age, so I had to be a bit more organized with my curriculum than in years past. We are also expecting another baby in January, which made me feel some extra pressure to be organized and ahead come the new year.I spent a good deal of time in July ordering books and writing out monthly … [Read more...]

What I’m thinking about today…

A good Monday morning to all of you, dear readers! Here's hoping that everyone survived Hurricane Irene without too much damage, and that power outages are short-lived!Here is a quick list of what I am thinking about these days:1) Homework: Quite honestly, I'm struggling to see the point of homework for a 2nd-grader who has just spent 7 hours of his day at school. Shouldn't he be able to accomplish what he needs to accomplish in the course of those 7 hours? Does he really need to come home … [Read more...]


Hurricane Irene is headed our way, and while we are inland, our area is prone to flooding. Not sure what to expect, we have moved some of the things stored in our basement onto pallets and charged our cell phones.We are unlikely to have to evacuate, though many parts of our state have been evacuated, but I wonder whether many of our readers do keep "go" bag with 3 days worth of supplies ready to go if you need to evacuate on short notice?My children were listening to the storm coverage on … [Read more...]

I want to remember…

I want to remember mornings like this, when I feel pulled in so many directions.I want to remember the sweet hands and voices the beckon me to join them in bed-top, made-from-scratch Lego games.I want to remember how much I'm needed--for breakfast, for snuggles, for doling out medicine, for walking the dog.I want to remember the sweet play on the floor of the living room.I want to remember the smiles and laughter and even the arguments.I want to remember the laundry still sitting in … [Read more...]

Happy 5th Birthday in Heaven, Lucy Rose

On August 17th, we celebrated the five-year anniversary of our sweet Lucy Rose's birth and death, and as always it was a bittersweet day for us all. We remembered Lucy with stories and pictures, by going to Mass and having a gathering with friends at our home afterwards, and with our traditional carrot cake and all of us singing "Happy Birthday, dear Lucy, happy birthday to you!" after dinner that night. This is an important tradition for all of us, and especially for Christopher (our only child … [Read more...]


 I have often worried about what I am doing to my children's psyches by allowing them to cry a little bit as they learn to sleep through the night. That said, I know what it does to their psyches to have a deranged, sleep deprived mother, and I think that it is worth it. Plus, my anecdotal evidence tells me that the better my children sleep the happier, calmer and smarter they seem to be. I am glad to have some scientific evidence to back me up -- it turns out that the cortisol levels are … [Read more...]

7 years and proof positive

My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary with a 5-course French dinner in the city. (Thank you, Groupon!) During long dates, we get so carried away in conversation that I sometimes forget we have little ones back home.We agreed how hard it is to believe we've now known each other for 12 years and have been married for 7 years.Hard to believe, that is, until these four bounce into the room. I hope we have many, many more years of this! … [Read more...]

Good Riddance

Some of my older friends tell of a time when they went en masse with their siblings to the hospital to get everyone's tonsils removed. While those days are over and surgery more rare, 3 builders will have had children who needed tonsils removed within a year, all for different reasons and I know many more who have had the same.B-Mama's son is next up, with his slatted to be removed on tomorrow, Friday. Please say a prayer for their little man (and his mama). While we all hate to see our little … [Read more...]

Online Shoppings Lists and Meal Planning–Help!

Ok, so I decided today that I need to "modernize" my shopping lists and recipes.  No more post-it notes reminding me to buy peanut butter.  I don't want several cabinets in my kitchen dedicated to recipe storage (I don't use 90% of those recipes anyway!).  I spent this afternoon investigating different meal-planning, recipe-creation, shopping-list-organizing sites.  I didn't find a single site that suited all of my needs.  The three most promising sites were Cozi, Allrecipes, and Reci … [Read more...]