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Faith & Family : Features : Unforgiving Heart.


Even though I can barely remember my own phone number, I have, unfortunately, instant recall of petty grievances, and so I can attest to the truth of this reflection, when you hold on to them they turn everything else negative as well.  I have been working for years on embracing forgiveness, praying for help with it, and very honestly, praying just to forget some of the stupid details.  In some ways, I have more closure about big things, which I take the time to work through, bring to spiritual direction, etc, but the little things can really bring me down.  So, I am thankful today for Rachel’s good counsel and I encourage you to read this article.

  • Jurismater

    Thanks, MaryAlice. The homily was about this last Sunday also. It’s really something I need to work on. Thanks so much for posting this.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for your honesty, MA.u00a0 This is an area where I struggle as well.u00a0