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After returning from a trip…

...It was so nice not to have to run out to the grocery store for breakfast essentials! Before leaving, I had purchased a half gallon of organic milk with an expiration date one month from now, so we were all set for breakfast this morning. (Organic milk seems to spoil a bit faster than regular milk once the seal has been broken, but has a much longer shelf life before opening.) I also had a loaf of pumpkin bread in the freezer that I plopped into the fridge last night, so our non-cereal lovers … [Read more...]

A Catholic Christmas funny

I found this article a light chuckle amidst the cozy fire and twinkling Christmas tree lights.Savor the season, friends.  We are, for sure! … [Read more...]

Christmas Blessings

BMama's prior post reminds us that near and far there are families who might not be having the merriest of Christmases this year.  Whether your Christmas has been merry and bright, bittersweet or just plain sad, please be assured of our prayers for your family this year and into the New Year.  At Christmas, we see Our Lord vulnerable in the manger, and we celebrate His birth, but we know what is to come for that baby.  We know that He will suffer for us, that His Incarnation is the beginning of o … [Read more...]

To All Our Prayer Warriors:

I'm asking tonight that you join me in prayer for a young man who needs a miracle.He is a son, a father, a friend to many and has been told he has days to live.  I know his family would love your prayers for a miraculous turnaround in events.You can follow his story here.  Thank you and God bless. … [Read more...]

Keeping It Real

B-Mama suggested that we start a periodic column telling some of the less than perfect realities.  I want to add at the outset that my goal, in my less than perfection, is to remain loving and cheerful (love perfects all things), so this is NOT to be taken as complaining or denigrating the life of the family, just to give our readers a little window into the everyday foibles that even we Tigers face.I can think of no better real scenario to begin with than this:We got home at midnight last … [Read more...]

Cleaning House for the Holidays

We are hosting Christmas this year, and since my blood pressure has been a bit high, I'm trying to rest as much as possible in these last weeks of pregnancy.  My parents will do most of the cooking at my home on Sunday, but I'm trying to keep this house in some semblance of order prior to Saturday.  I've solicited the help of my older two children in this regard, as I bark orders from the sofa.  They did a lot of cleaning for me yesterday, and I was quite impressed.  This morning I wandered into … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Presents

Red let her son open my Christmas gift as soon as the package came, which meant that, to my good fortune, my gift got to stand alone instead of being part of a pile on Christmas morning.  He was really excited about it, and even called to thank me.  I think that it would be great if each gift got that sort of pride of place, but it is difficult in the rush of Christmas for a child to really stop, think, and appreciate each present.  Enter the Wednesday pile.After the gifts are opened on Ch … [Read more...]

“Best Dinner Ever”

In Texas we get cold rain instead of snow, which is not nearly so Winter Wonderland-ish as the white powder. It's cold, dreary and very, very muddy. The kind of mud that sucks up mud boots of little boys and has my washing machine churning through the heavy duty cycle. Since we've been fighting generic winter colds, I've been low on energy and creativity.Enter an easy dinner to make life just a bit simpler.I warmed tomato soup from a box on the stove and made some grilled cheese and bacon … [Read more...]

Getting Crafty

Some of us are missing a craft gene, others are very pregnant and in need of a simple nativity craft.  I picked up this box at the local Catholic store for only $7.99.The box is filled with plain ceramic nativity figurines in need of painting.  My children LOVED painting them and they then insisted that we make a manger scene (I should have anticipated this).I wanted something requiring little work on my end.  I settled on a simple shoebox nativity.  We then made this--I want to emp … [Read more...]

Imperfect and Beautiful

This Advent season has taught me plenty about the beauty of God's grace.  When I strive for perfection, I inevitably fall short.  But that doesn't mean that my erred, misshapen, miscalculated life can't be beautiful in its own way.  It's all about perspective.Like the Christmas cut-outs the kids and I attempted last Friday.  It was a "first" for us and I admit to being a novice baker.  I don't even own a rolling pin (FYI: Camelbak water bottles suffice in a pinch.)  Our product was less than st … [Read more...]