Just Do It, Mama

Seize the moment.

“Get ‘er done.”

Carpe diem.

Yada, yada…  There are times in my motherly world where such phrases pass in one ear and out the other.  How much I wish they would stay put in my feeble brain, ruminate, marinate and cause action on the other side.  They often don’t, but I’m trying to change that.

Dishes left in the sink at night?  Just do it.

Laundry in a pile in the hallway?  Get ‘er done.

Laziness breeds disorganization.  Hard work, on the other hand, brings order, peace, and goodness to my family.  Take for example my evening last night.  Hubby works late and prego mama is on her last legs putting the kids to bed.  All goes relatively smoothly and mom walks out of the last room by 8:15pm.  Her bed beckons–unbrushed teeth, day clothes on, household tasks unattended…  The unfinished nature of such an end to a day threatens to turn the next day into a crazy morning sprint of catch-up.

She resists.  Just do it, mama.  Bed will come; keep earning it.  She brushes her teeth and dresses in jammies to ensure it really will happen and when it does, she can just fall into place.  She heads downstairs.  The kitchen sink is overwhelming.  Get ‘er done.  She knows that if she leaves this until morning, chaos will ensue.  It’s not worth it.  Seize the moment.  Clean dishes out, dirty dishes in.  It’s not perfect, but it’s done.  Counters are dirty but can wait until morning.  2 stray pots are left for hand-washing in the morning. There are no points for perfection right now.  It’s just about completing the general task.

Then its around the house to collect the trash (a task started earlier in the day).  It is complete and the trash bin is wheeled to the curb by a mere 8:30pm.  Not too shabby.  This carpe diem effort will produce much fruit–in that when the garbage truck rolls around the curb at 6:15am (and the mama can dreamily hear it from her bed), she can peacefully roll over knowing she’s done her task.

Lights off, dog out and in, bed.  Alleluia.

Thank you, Jesus.

She’s done it.  Carpe diem, mama.

She’s seized the day and blessed her family and home.

And in the morning?

Oh, so worth it!

What task are you avoiding today?  Just do it.  Get ‘er done.  Seize the moment.  Carpe diem.  You’ll be glad you did.  And then you’ll wonder why it took so long for you to get it done in the first place.  Good luck and God bless.

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  • Juris Mater

    Say it, sister. These days, EVERY night when we finally tame the bedtime beast and then look around the house, I think “seriously?” But waking up to a fresh, ready-for-the-day house makes all the difference in a day.

  • Sally Faye

    I was just going to post about this very thing!! Too often, after crashing on the couch after bedtime, I rise a couple of hours later thinking I’m headed to bed, only to see the mess that I left in the kitchen! It’s sooo worth it to just stay the course and get er done! The key is to NOT sit down before getting it done. Lol. nI have been starting our bedtime routine a few minutes earlier andu00a0have begun to singu00a0a clean up song that I just made up so that we put our toys away before bath time. It’s such a battle if we wait much longer in the dayu00a0than that. Grady is allowed to keep out one toy that he can play with while I’m putting Maggie to bed. It’s quickly put away before he goes to bed. Our toys do have their own *homes around the house*, so really cleanup isn’t too bad…it just has to get done.nNow the cherry on top would beu00a0if I could get up in the morning BEFORE my children. I think that would really do wonders for our mornings. If I’ve cleaned the night before, I could eatu00a0my own breakfast and have a few minutes to myself before launching into the day.u00a0But, every morning I choose to stay in bed a few more minutes…and then I’m grumpy when I wake upu00a0like I did this morning…to my 3 year old staring at me saying, “Mama, I need to go poo poo.”

  • Rightsaidred Builder

    Go B-mama Go!

  • I want to pin this on my wall!u00a0 I’m tempted to let the little things, like a few dishes in the sink and toys that are going to get taken out first thing tomorrow anyway, fall by the wayside, as I’m struggling with grief these days, but I have to keep moving forward. What stands still tonight certainly puts me behind tomorrow. So good. So, so good. Thank you.

  • Mary Alice

    I think that doing the bedtime routine makes me so sleepy…dim lights, a quiet story, snuggly kids…it is hard to motivate right after that, but if I can convince myself to get moving back out in the light, I seem to get a second wind…then, I can collapse in bed with a book and no guilt!

  • Anonymous

    I second Lindsay. I’m printing this out and placing it all over the house.u00a0 In fact I”m trying to figure out how I can tattoo it on the inside of my eyelids.nGod Bless You!

  • Juris Mater

    It helped me a couple years ago to rename this post-bedtime period as ‘the Fourth Quarter’. So instead of thinking of it as optional and an afterthought, when it’s actually an incredible effort after a long day, I know it’s coming, and not only that, it’s time to dig in and win the game : )

  • B-mama

    Bless you, Lindsay. u00a0There are definitely seasons in our lives when we have to give ourselves a break–times of grief, new babies, etc. can often put us over the edge and we just have to survive. u00a0So be good to yourself and offer yourself love and forgiveness especially in the trying times. u00a0But I hear you that the little tasks done today offering great dividends later on…

  • B-mama

    Just put the Nike Ads on auto-play in your brain! u00a0They’ll get you going!! u00a0God bless.n

  • B-mama

    Love the idea of the “fourth quarter”. u00a0It IS a necessity NOT an option. u00a0Yes.

  • Kathleen

    Just curious, how much do other people’s husbands participate in this night shift as I call it. Does one person do dishes and clean up while the other does bed and bath? And also am I the only Mom that doesn’t bathe kids every night. Summers are different with so much outdoor play. Anyway, loved to hear how others divide workload.

  • Kat

    My husband participates on the weekend – it’s a team effort on Saturday and Sunday evenings – but during the week he doesn’t get home for bedtime so I do it myself. Usually we have dinner, dessert, and go straight to baths and bedtime. I put the toddler down first because she cannot be left unattended :), while the older two put on PJ’s, brush teeth, and clean their rooms (theoretically). Then I read stories with my 4 year-old, and then with my 7.5 year-old. Sometimes we also need to finish up some homework if we’ve had a busy afternoon.u00a0nAlso, I definitely do not bathe the kids every night. When we go to our playground, which is very sandy, they need to bathe/shower, but otherwise we’re on an every 2-3 day cycle.

  • B-mama

    We are every other day on showers/baths. u00a0Summers are different for us as well and baths are almost nightly. u00a0My husband and I divide and conquer for bedtime. u00a0I’ll take the younger two and he takes the older two. u00a0u00a0If its a non-bath night, the older two are pretty self-sufficient aside from stories. u00a0GG will usually supervise showers and read to the boys. u00a0nnThe kitchen is left usually for me to tackle. u00a0If it is overwhelming and he doesn’t have work to do, I’ll ask and he’ll help me and we get the job accomplished together. u00a0We did make an agreement recently that he will unload the dishwasher in the morning (a chore I detest!), if I load it at night. u00a0Nice and fair!This will, of course, all have to be re-worked once the baby is born and I am in demand, nursing. u00a0I’m trying to figure out if a pumped bottle fed by Daddy might be in order while I put the littler ones to bed. u00a0We’ll see… u00a0We always seem to be a work in progress, evolving to best suit whatever needs we have at the moment!