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Saturday Links

My intent was to put this up on Thursday, as part of a Thoughts for Thursday post (we haven't forgotten Thoughts for Thursday!), but life these days has been very busy, and I've been battling a cold. That cold is keeping me off the soccer field this afternoon, and it's rainy and cool here anyway, and so I'm blogging in a quiet house while my babies nap and the big kids are at soccer.So here, in no particular order, are some links--How to peel a head of garlic in less than a minute.  I … [Read more...]

My little girl

Sometimes, my 4 year-old seems so grown-up, a confident, exuberant, feisty little girl.This morning, she had gotten herself dressed and came out of her room with a big smile on her face. "Mommy look!" she exclaimed, showing me her outfit: a navy blue polka-dotted dress, pastel blue, green, and yellow striped pants, and a bright pink headband.Just as I was about to explain to her the concept of matching, she continued - "Mommy, I look like you today!" And my heart melted. My little girl - … [Read more...]


What would you do if you won the MegaMillions Jackpot?  All 540 million of it?It is a far-fetched prospect; but one we've been playfully toying with around here lately. What if our little, old family came into hundreds of millions of payout?  What if, all of a sudden, we went from a world of dealing with the here and now to one where we never had to worry about sending 5 kids to college, future health coverage, or retirement?  What if we were suddenly in the awesome position of helping out a … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Five

After Mary Alice's great post a few days ago about the elderly woman eating breakfast on her own in the diner, I started thinking about breakfast at our house. During the week, breakfast is often a rushed jumble of "Eat your oatmeal...The bus will be here in 5 minutes...Are you planning on wearing socks with your sneakers to school today?" On the weekends, however, we usually have the luxury of taking breakfast slowly. Sometimes we make pancakes or waffles, and sometimes we just sit with our … [Read more...]

Catholics and Contraception

This opinion, in the NY Daily News, is a great summation of theological issues surrounding the use of contraception.  Please note, however, it being the Daily News, that the side bar ads and articles all happen to include pictures of scantily clad women, so take care when you click over. … [Read more...]

Solo Breakfast

It was hard work to keep our brood under control as they waited for their pancakes at a local diner last Sunday after Mass.  I was exhausted just playing referee to the game of 20 questions that we were using to pass the time.  At the table next to us, a little old lady ate her fried eggs and toast while she read the paper.  It might have been easy to think of her as lonely or pathetic, but in fact she looked rather content.  When we got up to leave she was still drinking her coffee and she pat … [Read more...]

Cold Feet and Confession

Our wonderful pastor has been reminding us to come to Confession now, before the rush of Holy Week, for the past five weeks of Lent. During the season of Lent, our parish offers Confession three times daily (before each Mass) as well as on the weekend, so there really are plenty of convenient opportunities to receive the sacrament. Today as he was again reminding us of these opportunities, he said "Please, come to Confession and receive the gift of God's mercy and forgiveness. If it has been 2 … [Read more...]

The Illogical Mathematics of Motherhood

I  just had the "Band-Aid pulled off" here in my little Army apartment in Germany. We have a newborn baby and my mother left (after nearly two months of helping out) on Monday, my Dad on Wednesday and then my husband on Thursday for a two-week stint in Afghanistan. And I have four children.. alone.. and meal delivery has ceased. Horror of horrors. Defrost meat, what is that?  Furthermore, I am not a natural at this household management deal. I don't have systems. I don't have checklists. I need b … [Read more...]

Desperate Times… for desperate measures. There is a wall that many of us tend to hit sometime in the 8th month of pregnancy that leads us into some sort of delirious state in which we are willing to try anything to induce labor naturally.Between all of the builders, we have probably tried every old wives tales for inducing labor. Some of them potentially credible. Others not. Some of them probably not fit to share here.Here is a study published in a medical journal that my midwife linked to on … [Read more...]

How does your Fairy Godmother look?

My imaginative first grader was home sick from school yesterday, so she happened to meet a special someone for the first time: Irena, who cleans for us every 4 weeks. My daughter was taken with her. Irena has wispy gray-blonde hair that she wears in a high bun; rosy cheeks and a generously-shared bright smile; enthusiastic nods and giggles with which she communicates her warmth to my children, since she speaks no English; and she's so dignified that she makes scrubbing floors look special. "Mom, … [Read more...]