Looking for a Great Bible Study?

For the past several years, the mothers’ group at our church has offered a series of awesome Catholic Bible studies by Jeff Cavins, called “The Great Adventure” series and published by Ascension Press. If a group at your church is searching for a Bible study series, I would highly recommend any of the Jeff Cavins studies! Personally, I have participated in “A Quick Journey Through the Bible,” “Revelation,” and “Acts of the Apostles,” and each has been wonderful. You can do them in the order suggested or out of order. Here is what I like about the Jeff Cavins Bible studies:

  • They are self-led: When I was organizing the Bible study for my peers, I did not want to be a leader, but rather a facilitator. These studies are great because of the structure: each meeting begins with a 45-60 minute DVD presentation, followed by small group discussions. You do not need to be a Biblical scholar to lead these studies – all of the teaching is done by a Catholic scholar, and it is amazing!
  • They are organized: Each talk comes with “talk notes” so that you can follow along with the DVD presentation. Following the presentation, small groups discuss the “discussion questions” that participants have prepared prior to the talk.
  • They are manageable: Participants read a couple of chapters from Scripture to prepare, as well answering discussion questions. Participants are also given an answer key at the end of each meeting, and these are very well done.
  • They are intellectually exciting: Jeff Cavins is a scholar, and his studies are both intellectually stimulating and accessible to everyone.
  • They are Catholic: I have loved participating in a Catholic Bible study. Cavins weaves in Church history and world history with Biblical events, and he talks about the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Eucharist, and other subjects that are unique to Catholics. His “Acts” study has even received the Imprimatur! Cavins is a Catholic revert, which means that he grew up Catholic, left the Church and went through a period of rebellion, then became a Protestant minister, and finally came back to the Catholic church.
  • They are encouraging: Cavins has a way of explaining how even the most obscure passage from the Old Testament ties into salvation history as a whole, and he weaves Biblical events into the narrative of our daily lives. I have learned so much and have been moved to tears on several occasions!

God bless you all on this Monday morning, and a Happy Pentecost to all! Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!


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  • This is really helpful, thank you for taking the time to post about it! I was looking for this sort of material a few years back, and will now have a great recommendation and point of reference for others. Thanks!