Now Observing the Fourth* Commandment! Sort of.

Here is the current sign outside the United Methodist Church in our neighborhood:

Make no mistake, this Methodist church is filled with activity during the weekdays. It houses our town’s Senior Center, food bank, and an impressive community theater (currently presenting: “Nunsense”), and it serves as the local headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America. In short, it’s a community center with a charming stone exterior.

And now, the icing on the cake, it’s open on Sundays so you can even worship God in the church. Traditional if you like feel-good songs and Bible stories; Starbucks-style if sipping coffee and munching baked goods is your way of praying. Come as you are. If you want to. The Big Sugar-Daddy in the Sky is waiting.

* My husband, the cradle Catholic and historian, tells me “keep holy the Sabbath” is the Third Commandment for Catholics and Lutherans who follow St. Augustine’s synthesis of Exodus 20 & Deuteronomy 5.   It is the Fourth Commandment according to the Septuagint, Talmud, Calvin’s Institutes of Religion, and the Book of Mormon. Bible History on a Thursday morning, brought to you by Building Cathedrals.

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  • Kellie

    Oh my gosh, that sign is hilarious. Coffeehouse style! LOL! I drove past a sign for an “African-American Methodist Contemporary” Church the other day and I was literally laughing out loud.

  • Kristine

    The church down the street from our house says, “Jesus is coming! Look busy!”
    Umm, don’t think Jesus is going to be fooled….