Confidence doesn’t mean being comfortable with your nakedness, but rather, being comfortable with being in a league of your own. Read more

The language of experts impresses. But some words are merely loud. Read more

A trick for when a card falls out of the deck, and a thought on how we define celebration. Read more

What vocabulary do you use to describe what you do? What do the cards say about it? Read more

The source for the symbol is not in intuition, as you may think. Read more

If a family member is troublesome without a reason, you can elect to say, ‘off with your head’. Read more

How well do you know your magician? Is he a magician, characterised by skill, genius, and perseverance, or a fool who improvises his act, demonstrating nothing other than shallow thinking and laziness? Read more

The process, method, practice, motivation, goals. What is all this? Trademarked concepts in the world, not the world itself. Read more

Much can be said about the Lovers. But how about ridiculous? Read more

Diligence and focus are traits we associate with Temperance. But what does it take to apply them to everyday life? Read more

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