What do you make of fate, and how strong is your resolve when you go with the flow? Read more

There’s more between heaven and earth, as there’s more between the reader and the sitter. An excerpt from my forthcoming book on the power of the pip cards. Read more

Can you read the pips without ‘meanings’? You can, if you know connection and metaphor. Read more

What is your power, what is your weakness? What must you put down, what must you hold on to? Questions that come in pairs can very very insightful. Read more

Method for reading for your new year. The simple way. Read more

Meanings or correct breathing when you read your cards? Take a wild guess. Read more

It’s not 10 or a 100 things you need to control in your magic. Just 1. Read more

What do you know of your lineage of choice or blood? Read more

These days I’ve been performing a lot of I Ching divination. I like the simplicity of the message: not now, not yet, it’s done. Either you’re above it or below it, continuous or broken, connected or disconnected. Meanwhile everything changes. Damn right. Read more

Readers of cards read in different ways. Preferences are not subject to critique. One can critique modality and approach, but what’s the point of critiquing preference? Read more

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