The heart will not be denied, we say, but how do we know what’s in it, what carries it forward? Read more

Trust is here, but what do you make of it, when the highest wisdom actually dictates that you trust no one? Read more

Do you annoy your querents, the people you lead or inspire? I hope so. Read more

On Death as a guardian of warriors. Read more

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There’s a bunch of grand concepts the spiritual folks believe in. Healing is one of them. But what does Justice has to say about it? Read more

Are you among those who think that the Hanged Man is about a new perspective? Think again. Read more

‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?’ is the question that I find the stupidest. Read more

What do you say when people ask you to read cards with view to taking what is deemed as immoral action? Read more

When you are at other people’s disposal, do you also offer them your discretion too? Read more

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