Much can be said about the Lovers. But how about ridiculous? Read more

Diligence and focus are traits we associate with Temperance. But what does it take to apply them to everyday life? Read more

Mental stability is the sexiest. The Hermit knows why. Read more

I see being supportive when we mind our own business. Meddling under the guise of concern is never part of the program. Read more

The Popess doesn’t just sit with her book. Sometimes she sits with a book she wrote for another. Read more

Some say ‘revelation’ or ‘awakening’, but the card of Judgment is all about alternative history. Read more

When you territorialize your head, you lighten your heart. Tarotizing with a hammer means getting rid of all belief. How light my heart. Read more

Why is the Moon creative, and how does this creativity actually work in dynamic reading consultations that are not informed by the ‘little white book’? Read more

People listen for a reason. The day they stop listening is not something you should worry about. Read more

The heart will not be denied, we say, but how do we know what’s in it, what carries it forward? Read more

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