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CBB Interview with Elizabeth Scalia

Yesterday I posted my review of Strange Gods : Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life. You can find that review here. I was really excited when Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress, agreed to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. So without further is my latest author interview.Q: With a rather large and steady following on the internet, best known there as the Anchoress, how did you find time to write a book?A: I have the best husband in the world, … [Read more...]

Strange Gods : Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life

Upon opening the pages of this book it becomes evident pretty quickly that The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia, just launched a cannon ball across the bow of your ship. In Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life, she presents the reader with an eye opening 168 pages of “oh my that’s me”. In our fast paced world where we can pretty much get any info we desire at the touch of an app icon on our mobile device, we can easily fall into the trap of breaking the ultimate commandment, “You shall n … [Read more...]

The Catholic Children’s Bible

The Catholic Children’s Bible published by Saint Mary’s Press is a complete collection of the entire Bible for children. That’s right you get every book along with every chapter and verse that is contained in your own “adult” Bible. It uses the “common language” of the Good News Translation Catholic Edition making it clear and simple to understand for children or anyone for that matter. There are some words used in this translation on sexual “intimacies” that I think The New American Bible words … [Read more...]

On Heaven and Earth : Pope Francis on Faith, Family and the Church in the Twenty-First Century

On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Centurydoes exactly what it sets out to do. It serves as a great introduction to the thought and approach of than Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the man we now call Pope Francis.This book is a collection of a series of talks held between Pope Francis and Rabbi Abraham Skorka. It was originally published in 2010 but this release by Image Books is the first time the book has appeared in English.The book … [Read more...]

Anselm Academic Study Bible

In my 17 years as a converted Catholic, I have used a number of Catholic Bibles. I can honestly say that the newly published Anselm Academic Study Bible , has become my go to Bible for research and study. I have already used it often to look up scripture referenced in the books I review.This Bible comes in at a hefty 2143 pages plus an additional 16 pages of study aids. The scripture itself is the New American Bible Revised Edition. Before even getting to the scripture itself you get 97 … [Read more...]

The 3 Trees

There are many books retelling the traditional story of The Three Trees. The 3 Trees adapted by Gabriel Ringlet is another such book. It is a captivating story of the high dreams of three trees. They each have plans for what they want to be and are disappointed when they feel their dreams will never be. I was already familiar with this beloved tale, but that didn’t take away from this timeless story especially as I watched my seven year old’s eyes light up as she realizes they were getting their … [Read more...]