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The Church Under Attack : Five Hundred Years That Split the Church and Scattered the Flock

Upon opening the pages of The Church Under Attackyou realize two things. First, this is a well-researched book dealing with a pivotal 500 year period in Church history. Second, the author has found a way to present this history in an entertaining fashion that draws you in. Dr. Diane Moczar has managed to do something not every author of a history book can do. Make learning history enjoyable.It would seem an impossible feat to do in a mere 234 pages, but Dr. Moczar has managed to touch upon … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Dr. Diane Moczar

This week's interview is with Dr. Diane Moczar, author of a number of great books on Church history.Q: What inspired you to write The Church Under Attack?A: Well, my very first book was about the early centuries of the Church, and I had always felt I should finish the story. When I was a history professor I taught both History 101 and 102, and I wanted a Catholic History 102 book to keep the first one company.Q: What do you feel was the most threatening attack on the Church, the one … [Read more...]

Consuming the Word : The New Testament and the Eucharist in the Early Church

When I heard Scott Hahn was releasing a new book my immediate reaction was….this one goes on the review list. Like Dr. Hahn, I am also a convert to the Catholic faith, and have always found his books informative and well written and his latest release is no exception.Consuming the Word: The New Testament and The Eucharist in the Early Church is a book, that I feel is approachable for any level reader. In fact Scott has said he wanted everyone to be able to read and understand this volume. He … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Scott Hahn

I am admittedly a bit fanboy here but this week I have the pleasure of sharing my recent interview with Dr. Scott Hahn.PETE: Your new book Consuming the Word, spends some time on the Church Fathers. What lessons do they teach that you feel are the most important for our Church today?SCOTT HAHN: The Church always speaks of the Fathers as witnesses. They witness to the Apostolic Tradition, the faith handed on by the Apostles. It was the Fathers who produced the canon of Scriptures, … [Read more...]

Karol from Poland : The Life of John Paul II for Children

Karol from Poland - The Life of Pope John Paul II for Children written by M. Leonora Wilson is just what the title says.  A biography of a boy named Karol from Poland  who grew up to become Pope John Paul II.  This story for young children begins with Karol’s early years learning about God from his mother.  These pages seem to be trying to teach the reader the same things Karol’s mother taught him.  This part of the book can be a wonderful opportunity to teach further and reinforce these same thi … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Brian Caulfield

My series of author interviews continues, this week with Brain Caulfield author of Man to Man, Dad to Dad: Catholic Faith and Family.PETE: What inspired you to compile this book?BRIAN CAUFIELD: The short answer is that there was nothing like it on the market and Pauline Books & Media decided to remedy that situation and publish a book for Catholic men and fathers, Man to Man, Dad to Dad: Catholic Faith and Family. We brought together 14 experts writing on different topics that … [Read more...]