CBB Review: Patrick and the Fire

CBB Review: Patrick and the Fire March 23, 2017

patrick_and_the_fire_spotlightReview by Laura Socks

Patrick and the Fire: A Legend about St. Patrick is written by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky.  This book is one of many wonderful little books for primary aged children telling tales of saints and legends from Pauline Books & Media.  These books are always a favorite in my house!  This particular story tells of one of the legends of St. Patrick – the fire that would not go out!  It is the night of a great festival that begins with a huge bonfire being lit, but the first fire is to be lit by only the king himself.   Patrick has an idea – an idea that would get the king’s attention and eventually allow Patrick the king’s permission to freely preach to the people of Ireland.  Fittingly, St. Patrick also teaches the king about the Blessed Trinity using a shamrock!

The book includes a mini biography of St. Patrick giving children a deeper understanding of this well-known saint, as well as, a prayer to Saint Patrick.  It is a beautifully illustrated well-written 25 page book that tells of St. Patrick but also teaches children the power of trust in God.  As the little shepherd boy asked Patrick at the end of the book, “Was it magic that kept the fire burning?”  Fittingly Patrick’s response was “No….it was faith!”


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