Love God for himself; Angels: Day 360

God is rich in everything, says St. Ambrose. Everything belongs to him. But though Earth is beautiful, and Heaven is beautiful, and the angels are beautiful, what God promises us is not these beautiful things, but something infinitely more beautiful: himself.And yet, Brethren, our God never can be poor. He is rich. He made all things—Heaven and Earth, the sea and the angels. In the heaven, whatever we see, whatever we cannot see—he made it.But still, we ought not to love these riches, but … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf 029 with Jean Heimann

Jean M. Heimann is a Catholic author freelance writer with an M.A. in Theology, a parish minister and a speaker, a psychologist and educator, and an Oblate with the Community of St. John. She is a member of the Blue Army and the founder of Our Lady of Fatima Rosary and Study group. Jean is the author of Seven Saints for Seven Virtues (Servant, 2014) and Learning to Love with the Saints:  A Spiritual Memoir (Mercy, 2016).  Jean has had her work published in numerous Catholic periodicals and on C … [Read more...]

We’ll see what the angels see; Angels: Day 359

When  things go wrong in this life, says  St. Augustine, just remember what you’re preparing for. You’ll see God the way the angels see him.“And their heritage will abide forever” (Ps. 37:18).This we hold by faith. Does the Lord too know it by faith? No, the Lord knows those things in such a clear way that we will not be able to speak of it even when we are made equal to the angels. The things that will be clear to us will not be as clear to us as they are now to him who is incapable of c … [Read more...]

Are we there yet?; Angels: Day 358

No matter how far off the Day of Judgment may be, says St. Augustine, your own death is only a few years away at most. You need to prepare for that day, so that, when it comes, you will be among those who will be taken to rest until they are made equal to the angels.“Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there” (Ps. 37:10).How long does each person’s life last? Add any number of years you please; extend old age to its longest … [Read more...]

Your soul is a picture of the angelic life; Angels: Day 357

Arguing for the divinity of the Holy Spirit, St. Gregory of Nyssa says that you know from your own experience that the Spirit is divine. Your own soul is intellectual and invisible, like the angels, and like the angels you cannot come near to God except by the Holy Spirit’s help.Whoever agrees with us that the things above us are also ordered by the power of the Spirit with the Father and the Son has the support of clear evidence from his own life.The nature of man is compounded of body a … [Read more...]

Peace which passes angels’ understanding; Angles: Day 356

The peace of  God passes all understanding—not just human understanding, but angels’ as well, says St. Augustine.Right now, however great our understanding may be, we only see in part, and “through a glass darkly” (1 Cor. 13:12). But when we are equal to the angels of god, we will see face to face, as they do, and we will have peace toward them as great as they have toward us, because we will love them as much as they love us. And so their peace will be known to us. Our own peace will be like … [Read more...]