Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twenty-Four: St. Basil wants us to learn the lesson of the bees

Learn the lesson of the bees St. Basil points to the bees as an example to all Christians. They work indus­triously with no complaints, their queen leads them by mildness (St. Basil calls it a king, but most of the rest of his entomology is surprisingly accurate), and if they sting they die. Some of these unreasoning creatures even have a government, if the feature of government is to make the activity of all the individuals serve one common end. This may be observed in bees. They have a … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twenty-Three: Tatian says be happy with enough, and you’ll get what you want

Be happy with enough, and you’ll get what you want The rich have many problems, says Tatian, and the poor have few. Be satisfied with a little, and you’ll find it much easier to get what you want. I don’t want to be a king. I’m not anxious to be rich. I decline military command. I detest fornication. No insatiable greed makes me go to sea. I don’t strive for chaplets; I have no mad thirst for fame. I despise death; I’m above every kind of disease. Grief does not consume my soul. If I’m a slav … [Read more...]

Weekly Giveaway – Gay and Catholic


This week publisher Ave Maria Press sponsors the CBB giveaway. One lucky winner will receive one copy of Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith  (you can read my review here). I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me! Enter below. The contest starts at midnight tonight EST and will end 12AM EST Friday 11/28 with a winner being announced later that day. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twenty-Two: St. Ambrose wants us to be satisfied with enough

Be satisfied with enough It’s easy to have more than enough to get by, says St. Ambrose. But lust and greed always want more. Control them, and you’ll find that you live in abundance. If you want to be rich, you must be poor. Then you will be rich in every­thing, if you are poor in spirit. It isn’t property that makes you rich, but the spirit. There are those who humble themselves in the midst of abundant riches, and they act rightly and prudently. For the law of nature is rich enough for e … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Gay and Catholic


In today’s society any discussions regarding homosexuality usually descend into an “us vs. them” argument. This however is contrary to Church teaching. Eve Tushnet takes a unique approach to the debate living her life as a celibate gay. In her book Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faithshe puts a face to the debate and in turn makes us all stop and consider our own viewpoints.The book is part memoir and part lesson on friendship and what that word truly … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twenty-One: St. Basil tells us to learn contentment from the fish

Learn contentment from the fish Fish follow the order of nature, says St. Basil, and no one has to tell them to do it. We should learn from the fish to be happy with the place God has given us, and not break God’s laws to take what belongs to others. How is it that each sort of fish, content with the region that has been assigned to it, never travels over its own limits to pass into foreign seas? No sur­veyor has ever distributed to them their habitations, or enclosed them in walls, or as … [Read more...]