Weekly Giveaway – Catholics, Wake Up!: Be a Spiritual Warrior


This week publisher Servant Books sponsors the CBB giveaway. One lucky winner will receive one copy of Catholics, Wake Up!: Be a Spiritual Warrior by Jesse Romero (you can read my review here). I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me! Enter below. The contest starts at midnight tonight EST and will end 12AM EST Friday 11/07 with a winner being announced later that day. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred One: St. Ambrose tells us to be generous in secret


Be generous in secret If you give so that you can boast about it, says St. Ambrose, you already have your reward on earth in your boasting—which means you shouldn’t expect a reward in heaven, too. It is not a real act of generosity if you give for the sake of boasting about it, rather than for mercy’s sake. Your inner feelings give the name to your acts. As it comes forth from you, so will others regard it. See what a true judge you have! He consults with you how to take up your work, and f … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Catholics, Wake Up! Be A Spiritual Warrior


Jesse Romero is a former US kick boxing champ and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department officer. He has seen a lot of the secular world we live in.....the good and the bad. He tells his reversion story and other personal stories in his latest book Catholics, Wake Up!: Be a Spiritual Warrior. They tell you to never judge a book by its cover...but....when the cover has a pair of boxing gloves you can pretty much be guaranteed a hard hitting book. The material Jesse presents in this book cover a wide … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred: St. John Cassian says be kind even to people who don’t deserve it

Be kind even to people who don’t deserve it Is that beggar on the street just a lazy bum? Maybe so, but St. John Cassian re­minds us that our moral judgment is not supposed to limit our Christian charity. Nevertheless, like a far-sighted and careful physician, the Apostle Paul is not only anxious to heal the wounds of the sick, but gives suitable directions as well to the healthy, so that their health may be preserved continually. He says, “do not be weary in well-doing, you who follow me (me … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day Ninety-Nine: Hermas says give, and let God take care of the rest


Give, and let God take care of the rest The visionary Hermas is given simple advice about Christian charity: give when you see a need. Don’t worry about whether the recipient really deserves it or whether you’re being conned. Your job is to give; God will take care of the rest. Practice goodness, and from the rewards God gives you for your labors, give to all the needy in simplicity. Don’t hesitate about whether you should give or not give to someone. Give to all, for God wants his gifts to b … [Read more...]

The Clergy Speaks – Bishop Charles C. Thompson

Most Rev. Charles C. Thompson - Diocese of Evansville

Welcome back to “The Clergy Speaks”, a recurring feature here at The Catholic Book Blogger. “The Clergy Speaks” is a column focusing on one question I have asked various members of the clergy. That question is: What five books would you recommend as must-reads for Catholics today? I left the responses open to current or classic books with the only restriction being that the Bible and the Catechism could not be used as they are a given. This week we welcome Bishop Charles C. Thompson from the Dioc … [Read more...]