Angels don’t want our worship; Angels: Day 142

Some human beings are called “gods”  even in the Bible, says St. Augustine - although of  course only metaphorically.  But Scripture never calls angels gods even metaphorically,  so that we will understand that  angels desire that  we should not worship them, but the God whom they and we serve.So that no one may think that there is no living and intelligent nature that delights in the pagan sacrifices, the Apostle adds, “what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God. I do not want … [Read more...]

Learn to recognize Satan in disguise; Angels: Day 141

Satan can transform himself  into an angel of light, says St. Augustine. If  he does, we need to rely on the help of God to keep us on the right path, and to teach us to see through Satan’s disguise.It’s very important to be able to see and know when Satan has trans- formed himself into an angel of light; otherwise, by deceiving us that way, he could seduce us into doing real damage.There’s no danger to our religion when he only deceives our bodily senses, and doesn’t turn our minds from … [Read more...]

Giving the devil his due; Angels: Day 140

Each of  us, says Rufinus of  Aquileia, will get the reward we have earned in the final judgment. And that goes for the devil, too, who—along  with all his angels—has  earned the eternal fire.In addition, I believe in a judgment to come, in which everyone will receive the reward he earned in his bodily life, according to what he has done, whether good or evil.And if the reward for us humans is to be according to our works, imagine how much more this will be true in the case of the devil, … [Read more...]

CBB Review: A Daily Defense

Have you ever had someone ask you a question about the Catholic faith and you did not know how to respond? Perhaps you thought you had a good answer but you were afraid you might be wrong so you chose not to discuss it? There is a new book out and it does an excellent job arming readers with the info they need to be better informed about the faith and better equipped to defend it. The book is called A Daily Defense: 365 Days ( plus one) to Becoming a Better Apologist and author Jimmy Akin has … [Read more...]

Lord, who is like you?; Angels: Day 139

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to worship idols, or nature, or even angels, says St. Augustine. God alone made all these things and they are nothing without him. Instead of worshiping angels, we should worship God  as Creator of the angels.“All my bones shall say, O Lord, who is like you?” (Ps. 35:10).Who can say anything worthy of these words? I think they can only be pronounced, not explained.Why do you seek this or that? What is like your Lord? You have him right in front of … [Read more...]

CBB Review: From Humdrum to Holy

Review by Julie AbellWith all the books I have been reading in order to review them for you, you would think I would have the topic of this book down, but From Humdrum to Holy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Like a Saint by Fr. Ed Broom had me doing even more thinking…and doing! It seems that no matter how much one learns about being a disciple of Christ the more there is to learn.  The material in this book is a combination of guidance that may be considered typical and guidance that pushes … [Read more...]