Paul models resistance to discrimination

It’s clear that justification by faith in Galatians is rightly understood as general and eternal doctrine. But it’s too easy for distant readers like us to perceive a watered-down, bloodless abstraction of the “works of the law”. Paul wrote of a specific conflict with the apostle Peter over discrimination against Gentiles. [Read more…]

The exemplary restraint of the ultimate conservative leader

God Himself, incarnate with human nerve endings, complete with adrenaline, cortisol, and endorphines, was being fiercely provoked to show Himself. How did He react? [Read more…]

Wheaton, model strong leadership: defend Dr. Hawkins

Do pastors, entrepreneurs, managers, and supervisors have anything to do with the controversy over Wheaton College Professor Larycia Hawkins? Absolutely. This is not an obscure and bizarre academic controversy. It’s very relevant to your job and your company and your church. [Read more…]

Follow a Jewish carpenter: Joseph

Faced with the scandal of his fiancee’s pregnancy, Joseph was a good man with honorable instincts. But good wasn’t enough for God, who challenged Joseph to take Mary’s humiliation upon himself. [Read more…]

Our model for leadership is a pagan prostitute

What is a Canaanite prostitute from Jericho doing right next to “our father Abraham” as an example of “faith with deeds” in the best-known passage of the Biblical letter from James (2:14-28)? [Read more…]

Want to lead? Exhibit, expect, and enable a growth mindset.

Research findings show achievable benefits from a growth mindset and avoidable costs of believing people can’t grow. [Read more…]

Let’s talk US religion and politics … with charts!

Find your favorite religious (or irreligious) group in political space! Introducing a powerful interactive visualization of the 2007 Pew Religious Landscape Survey data, with a 2014 update to come soon. [Read more…]

Banish the bullies: don’t stand for workplace tyranny

How’s this for a scary Halloween story: bullies in the workplace will destroy a culture of cooperation and replace it with cutthroat competition. [Read more…]

The secret to workplace success? Live it.

The problem with the church is not that we aren’t holy enough, that we aren’t set apart. It’s that we too easily come to behave as if holiness and spirituality mean we act strangely on Sundays and look down on everyone else all week. That’s not being set apart. It’s a simple, straightforward reflection of worldly, corporate, popular culture that does exactly the same thing with the workplace. [Read more…]

Are you a leader … or a predator?

Leadership has long had an unfortunate association with taking coercive measures, issuing rewards and punishments. But coercion doesn’t work nearly as well as training others and protecting them from poachers. [Read more…]