A Collection of the Top 5 Blog Posts For 2017

We are nearing the end of 2017, as well as our first full year on The Patheos Evangelical Channel! What a year! It has been an honor and joy to blog in this space and we are thrilled about what the future holds. We hope our blog has encouraged you, made you laugh, and stirred healthy discussion about the gospel of Jesus and how it applies in your life.

What follows are what our readers indicated were the top 5 blog posts from this year. So, in case you missed any of them please take a moment and check out the very best from 2017.


5) Mr. DeYoung – Here’s Why Christians Watch Game of Thrones

Written as a response to Kevin DeYoung’s powerful post questioning why any Christian would want to watch Game of Thrones, Grayson Gilbert carefully articulates the need for believers to pursue holiness.

“I earnestly believe we Christians tend to think trite thoughts of God. We think trite thoughts of His holiness. We think trite thoughts of the crucified Christ. Is it any wonder then that we likewise think trite thoughts of personal holiness and moral virtue? Is it any wonder that we’ve lost a sense of gravity to the cost of Christ’s sacrifice through the routine, deadening of the conscience?”


4) The Curious Theology Behind The Hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”

Using an overview of the life of well-known hymn writer Horatio Spafford and his questionable theology, this article drives at a bigger question: Should Christians sing hymns written by men with bad theology?

“The first time I heard the story behind the hymn, I felt like a Christian wimp. How could someone have that much faith and respond that way midst such tragedy? I know grace and God can do amazing things, but to respond with such faith when you’ve lost 5 children is beyond me.”


3) Farewell, Brandon and Jen Hatmaker

After some startling statements regarding homosexuality, Brandon and Jen Hatmaker foundnd themselves in serious contradiction to the claims and authority of scripture.

“I grieve for Brandon and Jen Hatmaker, not because I know them in any way personally, but simply because I believe them to be yet another couple with tremendous influence who are leading others down a dangerous path that makes light of what the scriptures teach on the nature of sin.”


2) A Definitive List of The Top 10 Christian Podcasts

Looking for some solid podcasts to fill your stocking? Look no further! This a collective list of theologically sound and enjoyable podcasts.


1) ‘I Love Jesus But Not the Church’ Just Means You Don’t Love Jesus

Our most popular post of the year, is an article that reminds us how close the ties are between Jesus and His bride, the church.  As it has been for centuries, it is impossible to truly love Jesus outside of a local church.  Loving God is inseparable from also loving those within the household of faith.

“The modern notion that you can worship God just as much by yourself as you can within the confines of the church is patently false and anti-biblical. It flies in the face of the Scripture’s teaching on the importance of the body of Christ, the proper structure of the church, and the goodness of the spiritual gifts that God has bestowed for the benefit of His people.”

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