A Definitive List of The Top 10 Christian Podcasts

A Definitive List of The Top 10 Christian Podcasts March 28, 2017

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If you are like me, you find your car time becoming less about music and more about podcasts. Christian Podcasts are a wonderful way to get plugged into news, entertainment, and culture in a relevant way. Not to mention the benefit of edification and learning. There are dozens upon dozens of gospel centered podcasts aimed at teaching and edification and it can be difficult to sort through them all.

So, with that introduction, I present The Top 10 Christian Podcasts available today! I have links to all the websites below. There you can get more information on how you can access the podcast in the device/format that works best for you.


1) The Dividing Line – A podcast hosted by James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. This podcast/webcast is a fantastic resource for Christian/Reformed apologetics and discussion. You will learn a lot from this podcast.  (not to be confused with the Elevation Church podcast of the same name).

2) The Reformed Pubcast – This podcast is hosted by 2 guys named Les and Tanner. They discuss theology, craft beer, science, and culture. They have over 150 episodes at the time of this article and have a strong online community found in a Facebook Group called “The Reformed Pub” (it boasts over 17,000 members!). It’s a great place to ask questions and learn about more Reformed Theology. I will add they have great taste in beer, if you are into that sort of thing and looking for recommendations.

3) Doctrine and Devotion – Hosted by Jimmy Fowler and Joe Thorn this Christian podcast explores the Christian faith and practice from an experiential perspective. They are also never short on humor and/or wit.

4) The Reformed Outlook – This podcast is run by a couple guys named Matt and Wes. Like some of the others here, they are well equipped to discuss theology and current issues. Every episode is jam-packed with commentary that will make you think and laugh. Roll Tide!

5) Apologia Radio – This popular podcast is also accompanied by a TV Show. It’s hosted by the well-known Jeff Durbin, pastor of Apologia Church in Tempe, AZ. This podcast backs away from almost nothing – going head-to-head with important issues facing our culture today.

6) The White Horse Inn – Run by Michael Horton with the tagline “For a Modern Reformation,” this long-running podcast finds its roots in 90’s with a radio show of the same name. There is enough thought-provoking material here to last you a long time. I also suggest you check out their publication, Modern Reformation Magazine.

7) Mortification of Spin – Often referred to by its acronym, MOS, this podcast features three hosts Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd. It’s a causal listen that intends (and succeeds!) in challenging its listeners with discussion over the ideas that the church faces today. It’s also highly recommended if you really like British accents.

8) Renewing Your Mind – No other podcast on this list has been more influential on my personal faith than this one by, R.C. Sproul. Like some others on this list, it started off as a radio show and has continued to develop and spread its reach into podcast form. You will not regret listening to a minute of what is offered here.

9) Sheologians – A newer podcast produced by Apologia Studios and aimed at women, this podcast goes right after the issues and theology facing women in our world today.

10) Grace to You – This Christian podcast is born out of the ministry (of the same name) from Pastor and theologian John MacArthur. Believe it or not, this ministry started in the late 60’s. There is no shortage of theological content. Few theologians and thinkers in our day offer such insight and ability to break down God’s word in a clear and edifying way.


Honorable Mentions and other Christian Podcasts that are worth your time: Reformed Brotherhood, Ask Pastor John, Confessional Collective, Truth For Life, The Briefing, The Postmil Report.

Did I miss your favorite christian podcast? Add a link below!



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