Holiday Road: My 5 Favorite Movie Road Trips


Lost in America (1985, Albert Brooks) 

One of Netflix’s great gifts to the world came last year when they briefly put Albert Brooks’ entire filmography up for streaming. It was gone too soon for me to get through it all, but I managed to see this gem over the summer. Brooks and Julie Hagerty are fantastic as a yuppie couple who decide to ditch the security of corporate America and take to the road in a Winnebago, only to find that their ideals aren’t so grand when the savings are gone. It’s a film I want to show to all my friends who fantasize of quitting their jobs, living lives off the grid and just embracing “their journey;” this film shows how hilariously misguided they are. Few people do put-upon slow burns as well as Brooks, and Hagerty is equally funny, particularly when she goes on a gambling binge early in the film. Worth a look just for the “nest egg” rant and the crossing guard scene.

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