New “It’s My Favorite” podcasts talk Zelda, Logan and favorite things!

  Hey everyone, Been a bit of a crazy week here in terms of posting. Wrapping up an assignment for school, work has been busy and last weekend was filled with a few different activities that didn’t leave much time for blogging. There’s some fun stuff ahead this weekend and into next week, so I appreciate your patience while everything settles down. But one thing I’m not promoting as well as I should here is “It’s My Favorite,” the twice-monthly… Read more

Review: Danny Boyle, Ewan McGregor return for another hit in “T2 Trainspotting”

The 1996 cult classic “Trainspotting” was released 12 years prior to director Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire” and three years before star Ewan McGregor became a Jedi. Based on Irvine Welsh’s acclaimed novel, its scuzzy, rough-around-the-edges aesthetic fit its energetic, seat-of-your-pants vibe. It holds up as a surreal, vibrant, sometimes horrifying look at youth, friendship and drug culture in 1990s Edinburgh. Trading raucous energy for a creak in the bones and reckless optimism for an ache in the soul, Boyle and his  cast are back… Read more

“Beauty and the Beast” and the backfiring of outrage

So, my piece a few weeks back on the outrage over Disney’s choice to include an “explicitly gay” moment in its remake of “Beauty and the Beast” caused quite a stir. As of this writing, there are 195 comments and it’s one of my most-read pieces here at Patheos. I’m thankful to everyone who shared, read and commented. The film is out now (you can read my review here), and the controversy doesn’t seem to have hurt its performance at the box… Read more

Review: “Beauty and the Beast” charms, never fully enchants

Disney’s recent trend of remaking its animated classics has been successful because of the studio’s ability to find new angles on beloved tales. “Cinderella” added a dose of compassion and was anchored by a fantastic performance by Lily James. “Jungle Book” found new notes of menace and adventure. “Pete’s Dragon” brought soul to a silly, slapdash story. This approach has allowed these live-action remakes to stand proudly alongside, and sometimes above, their animated predecessors. But what do you do when… Read more

Logan: Wolverine’s R-rated redemption

I’ve been wanting to write about “Logan,” Hugh Jackman’s final go-round as Wolverine, since I walked out of a theater a week ago, stunned silent by James Mangold’s film. It’s the rare comic book movie to provoke a visceral, emotional response, one of the few that is about something more than blue lights, shiny gizmos or franchise setups. It’s not just a great superhero movie; it’s a great movie, period. So, let’s talk about it. Warning: From here on out, spoilers… Read more

Fail as Old as Time: Why Boycotting Disney is Stupid

Two things happened this week regarding Disney’s live action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.” First, director Bill Condon remarked that a character in the beloved story would be gay, a first for a Disney film. That was followed, very predictably, by anger from many conservative evangelicals, including usual angry suspects Matt Walsh, Franklin Graham and, well, Alabama. They’ve taken to their pedestals to cry for a boycott and decry the company whose films probably make up half of their home video libraries. Am I… Read more

3 Reasons You Should See ‘Moonlight’ This Weekend

Hot off Sunday’s historic — and famously gaffe-laden — Academy Awards, Best Picture winner “Moonlight” is expanding into 1,500 movie theaters this weekend. It’s a victory lap for the indie darling, which was made for only $1.5 million and has since grossed more than $22 million. While that’s not a giant number, it’s a strong showing for such a small film, especially one that could be mistaken as a niche product. Barry Jenkins’ film might be about a young, gay black man… Read more

So, let’s talk about that weird Oscar night

Of all the times for me to go to bed early on Oscar night. I’m sure you’ve witnessed the envelope rip heard around the world, but just in case you haven’t: [youtube][/youtube] So, yeah, if you’re having a rough Monday morning, just take heart: at least you didn’t produce last night’s Academy Awards. Here are a few belated thoughts: First off, I’m elated at “Moonlight’s” win for best picture. I never boarded the “La La Land” hate wagon; indeed, the… Read more

Goodbye, Family Christian Stores

This week, it was announced that Family Christian Stores — one of the world’s largest Christian retailers — will close all 240 of its stores. This isn’t really shocking; Family Christian had gone through bankruptcy a few years back. But it will have an impact; more than 3,000 employees are going to lose their jobs as the stores shutter and Christian culture loses one of its largest and most diverse suppliers of books, music and trinkets. Granted, this is just the nature of… Read more

Why don’t I care about this year’s Oscars?

The apathy I’m feeling toward Sunday’s Oscar ceremony is very strange. I’ve written before about my fondness for the Academy Awards. Where most people groan about the Oscars’ penchant for pretension and self-seriousness, I simply love that there’s one night a year where the entire country celebrates movies. Moviegoers tend to award mediocrity so often that it genuinely excites me that we spend a month discussing films often ignored by the mainstream. Sure, if you want you can cringe that audiences enjoy… Read more