Who Do Evangelical Leaders Support for the Presidency?

Here’s Wayne Grudem’s Endorsement of Romney

Here’s Justin Taylor’s Endorsement of Huckabee 

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  • Amusingly, the Huckabee piece criticizing Rich’s position on Paul, but does so in favour of Huckabee.

    Amusingly (I guess), people pay heed to endorsements offered by those whose expertise lies outside the realm of national/international governance simply because one appreciates their expertise in an unrelated realm.

    That Grudem’s evaluates Romney and thinks him the best candidate is fine. That he gets press for that evaluation and your mother doesn’t is silly.

  • David

    Well I would add that Grudem is highly intelligent and apt to speak, to some degree, on matters of politics. He has written on a number of occassions about things related to economics, politics, and business.
    My mothere didn’t even go to college. So…

  • Oh, I didn’t know Grudem was an authority on politics. I just assumed he was a theology guy.

    But you see what I’m saying right? Like you wouldn’t press the world’s leading paleontologist on what exactly he thinks is the best economic model. Or ask a leading literary critic to endorse a position on evolution. Because then you’re just making a popularity contest.

    Which I guess is kinda what the election is all about anyway…

  • David Dunham

    I agree whole-heartedly. There’s nothing more annoying than having a camera pan to Ben Affleck on stage with John Kerry or even Toby Keith on stage with George Bush. Who cares!