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  • Alan Noble


    Well, somebody had to do it.

    I don’t mind this at all since it’s not a corruption of a different word. It’s not teh, or brb, or l8er.

    The day when lawl gets in the dictionary is the day I….well, I’ll think of something.

  • http://nowheresville.us The Dane

    Funny, they spelled it wrong. w00t. not woot. I have now lost all faith in the dictionary as a bastion of good spelling.

  • http://ohbuoyancy.net Reese

    Actually The Dane, Merriam-Webster spelled it correctly w00t with zeros, but Wired spelled it wrong.

    See Merriam-Webster.

  • http://nowheresville.us The Dane

    My faith is restored!! Boo Wired.

  • Alan Noble

    Now I have lost all faith in Wired.