Bush's Economic Stimulus Package

I think this is a band-aid solution to a problem that needs major surgery!

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  • If you’re looking for surgery, the doctor is in. ;-)

  • If current conditions are your version of, “a problem needing major surgery,” you have no career in politics. A quick examination of any third-world country, any significant historical period, or any major cultural shifts will quickly highlight the fact that minor variations in the growth cycles of the American economy are nothing to fear. From the perspective of history, a band-aid might be an overreaction!

  • David Dunham

    Ben I don’t disagree that I have no future in politics. You’ll never see “Dunham in 08”. Nonetheless I am surprised that you think the economy is doing so well!

    Just about everyone else seems to disagree with you. It’s the number one issue among voters in this campaign. Both Bush and Congress seem to think it’s a least in need of a “pick me up,” and I think every other candidate in the race is touching on it as a hot topic for their election.