McCain: The Best Pro-Life Choice?

McCain: The Best Pro-Life Choice? After I’ve all but given up on Huckabee, this made my day a little brighter.

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  • The Dane

    I’m not sure one can actually characterize McCain as pro-life, not with his apparent gleeful willingness to throw troops into Iraq, killing, causing mayhem, and destroying lives – all in the name of that most chic of political deities: Democracy, the Ever-Glorious.

    Anti-abortion, perhaps. But certainly not pro-life. His foreign policy has shown a marked indifference and carelessness toward life.

  • Hooser

    The Dane,

    It’s sounds like you might be on the same page with one of my elders. You should check out his blog and, more specifically, some of his recent posts:

    It’s about time that Christians really start thinking about many of these issues.

  • Richard McElroy

    Amen to both of you. Anti-abortion is just a small step toward pro-life.

  • The Dane

    High-fives all around then.