Parents in Furor Over Wii Zapper

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  • Terry Delaney

    Here’s your sign!

    Seriously, what does it say about parents though. You know many parents do think like that that last person does. “Our kids have to have the most popular toys. We don’t want to crush their self-esteem by not providing for there every want and need. We wouldn’t be good parents if we did that.” It is a sad statement regarding the reality of parenting.

  • Alan Noble

    Although it bothers me when people get overly critical about video games, I think that parents really do need to think about they way such a gun will affect (or not affect) their child.

  • David Dunham

    I agree with you Alan.

    That being said, if we ever have a little boy he and I are going to shoot all sorts of bad guys with our make believe weapons of war! ;)

  • The Dane

    Articles like that make me want to look for a presidential candidate willing to seek an amendment to the Constitution outlawing parents. We could call it the Family Protection Amendment. It would protect families by forcing them not to exist – because you can’t have dumb parents if you can’t have parents, period.

    Incidentally, I wonder if there was a single child given a greater propensity toward violence because of Duck Hunt on the NES.

  • Alan Noble

    I don’t like the taste of duck, and I played duck hunt. There might me something to that.

  • Rich Clark

    I instinctively want to shoot giggling dogs. You think that’s related?

  • The Dane

    No, Rich. I think that’s natural to humanity. It’s one of those few instincts that actually survived the Fall wholly intact.

  • David Dunham

    Oh my…this discussion degenerated rather rapidly didn’t it?