Mad About You? Seriously?

MENSA chairman picks the ten smartest shows of all-time… and it’s not a very good list. What do you think is missing?

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  • Reese

    I don’t see a problem with Mad About You being on the list. If you actually watched the show and didn’t think it was a “smart show,” you probably just didn’t get it.

    But I do find the list to be a bit off; I could better embrace it if it was a top 20 list and most (some deserve it) of these were somewhere in 11-20.

  • The Dane

    I could totally see All in the Family and M*A*S*H being in the list. I’m not super familiar with a lot of those other shows though.

  • Greg

    Hello Seinfeld?! Arrested Development?

  • The Dane

    Gilmore Girls was smart when it wasn’t pandering to ridiculous soap-operatic clich&233;.

  • The Dane

    Darn you pound sign! How did you escape me?? é é é é é I’ve got you now… that it doesn’t matter.

  • Alan Noble

    Uhhh the Simpsons. And although I think Seinfeld was the last great sitcom, I’m not sure it was really all that smart.