Jefferey Overstreet on his novel, Auralia’s Colors: “Contrary to what some of the reviews have claimed, I am not writing The Auralia Thread to preach a message, to allegorize the Gospel, or to entertain. I wrote Auralia’s Colors because it gave me a way to explore the powerful mystery of Beauty.”

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  • http://nowheresville.us The Dane

    This may not be the best place to ask—as I’ve seen Mssr. Overstreet comment here before—but is Auralia’s Colors a good read? And why or why not?

    I enjoy fiction but don’t have time to read more mediocre books on top of all the mediocre books that are already thrust upon my by my involvement in a book club with other-than-mine tastes. So a good book recommendation would be appreciated. If it is indeed Good.