Cast Down Your Idols

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  • j. dove

    It was a nice touch, too, that they followed it right up with the short Ben Stiller segment, every other word bleeped out…

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  • Alex Fear

    On the one hand I think that’s great, but it’s like some of the commenters over at Josh’s blog said, it’s not really preaching Jesus, it’s comparible to the soothsayer who followed Paul and Silas around.

    Then again you have to ask why people get so bothered about it when Christians have been needlessly changing the words to ‘secular’ songs for years.

    And when I say needlessly, it really is needless. A love song can be sung to God without having to shoehorn the word ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ into it.

    Then again, I’m af an of ambiguity.

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