Christians need to wash their mouth out with soap

Christians need to wash their mouth out with soap. Whatever happened to the people who were courteous, reverent, thoughtful, respectful and polite? I don’t see many of those kinds of people anymore. But it’s really no wonder when nearly every medium of communication exudes irreverence with expletives and lies and deceit.

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  • I don’t have a problem with swears.. it’s inappropriate words which bother me.

    Someone yelling an expletive when they are angry or injured for example, is contextual.

    Someone swearing just for the fun of it, or every second word is annoying.

    But the author is right to mention comedians. Too many think that by lacing their jokes with expletives that makes it funny, or blasphemy is funny.

    When comedians are blasphemous I yawn, and when they use an expletive to deliver the punchline (or worse, the punchline is the expletive) I groan.

    The other thing we have to consider is Christians I know use substitute words which is another reason I don’t think it’s productive or useful to censor swears.

    Alex Fear’s last blog post..[Service] Bye Bye Starbucks, Viva La (Coffee) Republic

  • David

    I couldn’t agree more Alex…well said.