Will we still go out to the movies?

Will we still go out to the movies?

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    I went to the theater and saw both Wall-E and Hellboy II and both experiences reinforced why the only truly enjoyable theater experiences I have anymore are at art house cinemas.

    The theaters were noisy and disruptive. Teenagers have better things to do than sit silent for a movie screen. Laser pointers thankfully turned off during the space between the opening and closing credits. People getting up to go get over-priced popcorn.

    You’d kind of hope that the atmosphere of a movie theater would actually be somewhat conducive to watching movies. The only place I find that anymore to be true is in the theaters running indie and foreign films.

    While a lot of times, I’d like to go to the theater, I’m rarely all that broken up over missing a film and having to wait for DVD.

    (The only problem is that most special effects only look worthwhile on the big screen where they aren’t hampered by crisp resolutions.)

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