Are Christians Too Political?

David Kinnaman, author of UnChristian, asks the question, are Christians too political?

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  • Short answer? Without question.

    The Danes last blog post..20080911

  • David Dunham

    A short answer! Woa…that’s amazing.

    I think that the answer is clearly in the affirmative to many who would read this blog. But my question, as one who is not political, is what is the balance between being overly political and being totally uninvolved. As someone who is a strong advocate of a Christian worldview, and believes that Christianity does indeed inform our politics, what does it mean to do politics as a Christian?

  • I know, huh.

    As to your question, I think the upper end can be probably fenced by saying that if someone is more involved, more invested, in politics than in a) the life of one’s local congregation, b) the body of one’s own family, c) the direct interest in one’s own neighbours, and/or d) the pursuit of Christ and holiness, then politics are taking up far too large a piece of their life’s pie. There are things Scripture exhorts us to care about and things that Scripture allows us to care about. Politics definitely fall into the latter category—and things in the latter should never eclipse things in the former.

    As to the lower end, I’m not so sure there is a fencing necessary. I don’t believe, scripturally, that it is our obligation as believers to vote. I don’t believe the world politic is in any way our duty. I think we’re allowed to take it up as a pasttime—like art or Tetris or writing or NASCAR—but it certainly isn’t something required of us.

    Unless our Christian worldview falls to neonomianism and begins requiring activities not found even principally in Scripture…

    The Danes last blog post..20080911