Eleven Thought Provoking Films Coming out this Fall

Take a look at Eleven Thought Provoking Films coming out this fall.

The Kiddy Pool: Only Children Are Lonely and Selfish (Just Like the Rest of Us)
The Last Battle of The Civil Wars
The Kiddy Pool: What’s In A Name, Mrs. Carter?
God And Country Music: New Avett Brothers Album Means Only Good Things
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  • http://nowheresville.us The Dane

    Both The Wrestler and Blindness look worthwhile. Fireproof looks absolutely dreadful and should spur a second most-reviled-post-ever by Scott—this one called “The Failure of Christian Cinema.”

    The Danes last blog post..20080909

  • Carissa

    This leaves out the most exciting-est film of the fall, which is indubitably The Road! Postapocalyptic. Viggo. A sure feel-good winner for the holidays. I will be seeing it the day it comes out (Nov. 14).

  • http://nowheresville.us The Dane

    Oh yeah, huh. That does look worth while.

    The Danes last blog post..20080909

  • Neil

    I found the Wrestler to be disappointing. It seemed to be little more than a pathetic commentary on the empty pursuits of life under the sun.